Young Royals cast tease ‘jaw-dropping’ season two filled with ‘secrets’ and ‘revenge’

Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Simon in season two of Young Royals. (Robert Eldrim/Netflix)

The highly-anticipated Young Royals season two is going to be a rollercoaster of love, heartbreak and vengeance.

The end of season one left fans heartbroken as Simon (Omar Rudeberg) and Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) broke up and parted ways for the school Christmas holidays.

Season two picks up in the new year, with Wilhelm still reeling from the discovery his cousin August (Malte Gårdinger) betrayed and outed him.

And according to the cast, the drama is only just beginning.

“I just had my jaw dropped down to the floor,” Rudberg told PinkNews of when he first read the new season’s scripts. 

Edvin Ryding as Willhelm in Young Royals S2. (Robert Eldrim/Netflix)

Edvin Ryding as Willhelm in Young Royals season two. (Robert Eldrim/Netflix)

“It is just so many different things happening with different characters. There is a new cast of characters growing in this series and having their own space and story. It’s giving some really, really good juicy parts.”

Young Royals creator and writer Lisa Ambjörn says: “There is going to be some soul searching this season. We ended on a pretty devastating note.
“A fire has been ignited by the end of season one and for Wilhelm it is all about revenge against August and trying to gain Simon’s trust back.”

Ambjörn says that the word of the season is “secrets”.

“Secrets is also a word that we are constantly using in season two,” she says. “How does the clan-like structure of the royal family make us keep secrets and how does that shape you as a person.”

Young Royals season two shows ‘new sides’ to characters

Ryding says viewers will get to explore old and new characters “way more” and teases that there’s lots to come for Simon and Wilhelm. 

“We get to understand them more and see new sides to them,” he says. “I had a difficult time understanding Wilhelm at first but then I figured it out and it was perfect. It’s been great exploring this new way of telling their story.”

Omar Rudberg as Simon in Young Royals S2. (Johan Paulin/Netflix)

Omar Rudberg as Simon in Young Royals season two. (Johan Paulin/Netflix)

As for what they hope the audience takes from the new season, Rudberg says: “If you are a teenager just remember that you are just a teen and nothing has to be 100 per cent clear.

“You’re gonna make mistakes but you are going to learn from everything you go through and things will change.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Ryding adds.
Young Royals season two drops on Netflix on 1 November.