Keke Palmer says her sexuality is ‘in the middle’ – and tells women how they should hit on her

Keke Palmer in front of a rainbow flag

Keke Palmer reminded the world she is not straight and gave women looking to date her some helpful advice.

Keke Palmer appeared on the WHOREible Decisions podcast, when one of the hosts asked her: “I know you being straight but have you ever thought about being with women or ever dated a girl?”

The Nope actor immediately corrected them: “Yeah I’m definitely in the middle of the scale. I’m definitely even across the board. I feel like love is love, life is life. Do you thing, live you life. I feel that way.”

On the podcast she explained while she has never been in a relationship with a woman, she has definitely explored that aspect of her sexuality. 

She admitted that she “only likes girl on girl porn because it is nice and beautiful, it’s the delicacies of the arrangement. I don’t like all that rough stuff”.

Palmer also discussed how she would want a woman to hit on her.

With girls, do it with touch. I’m cool with if a girl is making a move and she is trying to get me into the vibe.

“I’m cool with her being like ‘stop‘ and hugging me for no reason because I’m like ‘I know what that means, you held my hand a little bit too long.’ With girls, that’s a level of aggression I’m cool with.”

Keke Palmer has been open about her queerness since 2015 when she released a music video for her song “I Don’t Belong With You”

In the video, she gets with a man and ends the video going over to the house of a woman, played by fellow singer Cassie.

Speaking about coming out in an interview in 2019, Palmer said: “I think the kind of energy of the culture of LA, or Hollywood, is that it’s OK to be yourself and that it’s OK to experience things and find who you are.

“My family is not typical in terms of that: My mom has always said when I was young, before I even thought of any of that stuff, that if her kids were [LGBTQ] she would just want the person to be cute! But that’s not everybody’s story.”

She clarified she has always been very comfortable accepting her sexuality because of the her progressive upbringing and community. 

“It wasn’t seen as anything more than just us being ourselves. And maybe that’s the millennial way. Maybe I got born in the prefect generation.”

More recently, Palmer spoke about how pleased she was at the same-sex representation in her recent Disney film Lightyear, in which she voiced Izzy Hawthorne. 

Disney, Pixar, there’s a wide audience, and a lot of their audience is obviously LGBTQ+, women, Black women… people that want to be represented in films,” she told the i. So, yes, 100 per cent, I think it is progress.”

“Obviously, we can’t expect for film and television to always be the reason why people decide to respect one another. 

“But I think it’s a step in the right direction. And I think the way that it’s illustrated in the film is normal… we’re just depicting life and love the way that exists in our world.”