‘Delusional incel’ arrested after ‘stalking woman to make her be straight’

Jacob Yerkes

A “delusional incel” who stalked a woman, believed to be LGBTQ+, in a bid to “get her to be straight” has been arrested and named as Jacob Yerkes.

Yerkes was arrested on Tuesday 8 November for aggravated stalking and harassment of the woman, who Lenoir Police Department have said was his former co-worker.

Due to an ongoing investigation Yerkes could see more charges added.

On Facebook, Loudon County Sheriff’s Office said during the investigation it was determined that Yerkes made “unsolicited contact” with the woman, and “he was posting on several social media sites, including YouTube, making threats of violence.”

It follows Yerkes being seen in a six minute, self-recorded video ranting about how he continued to chase the woman to “play a song for her”.

In the viral video, which has both outraged and disgusted viewers, Yerkes can be heard ranting: “Lindsey’s dad, I hope you see this f***ing video. You know what happens when women don’t ever come to terms with themselves.

“That s**t happens. Something the cops want to deny… me trying to get her to be straight. Something is wrong about that.”

Yerkes continues his rant in the video, swearing about “belligerent LGBT s**t that has her right now”.

Many have branded Yerkes an “incel”.

Earlier in the video Yerkes can be heard trying to defend his actions to police by saying he was “going to play a song for her”, and discussing “rape fantasies”.

He claims to have chased her because “women are crazy”, with the officer replying swiftly: “Do you not thinking chasing someone is crazy?”

Yerkes continues, asking: “What about BDSM and porn where women like to have rape fantasies.”

The cop told him “this woman doesn’t” but Yerkes persists: “Well, who knows? Most women do like having rape fantasies.”

Throughout Yerkes mentions her dad and says: “She’s being controlled by him… I think she should go do porn.”

The investigation is ongoing with the Lenoir City Police Department and Loudon County Sheriff’s Office.