Anti-trans activist Posie Parker says women who stand in her way will be ‘annihilated’

Posie Parker during her YouTube livestream

In a lengthy online rant, anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, has stated that women who stand in her way will be “annihilated”. 

In a video broadcast on Twitter, Parker voiced her outrage about being contacted by Sussex Police and claimed that she was being “persecuted” for “trying to stand up for women and girls”. She voiced her anger that the police officer involved was a woman.

“Men don’t have to march upon our necks, they don’t have to put their hands around our throats, they get women to do it,” she said. 

“If women aren’t doing it directly, they’re strangling us in other ways… they’re trying to silence us [for] not quite the right message, not working with the right people.

“Each and every one of you women who stand in my way… will be annihilated.” 

Continuing, she said: “I genuinely don’t lose, so if you want to stand in my way, you better be ready, ready, ready for watching the back of my a**e as I walk away from you… as you are eclipsed.”

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Parker added that she had been reported and interviewed by the police several times due to her opposition to people “dressing like a woman and invading women’s spaces”. 

During the bizarre broadcast Posie Parker also spoke out against trans women, comparing them to sexual predators and serial killers.

Seemingly referring to the case of Isla Bryant – a trans woman who raped two women before transitioning and who will now be held in an all-male prison – Parker railed against “creepy” men, branded trans women with the term “autogynepiles”, an incorrect comparison meaning men who are sexually aroused by the thought of being a woman. 

“We remember a creepy man and how he made us feel and now we’re telling our daughters, ‘Don’t worry love, he calls himself a woman,'” she said.

“We knew when we were younger that those were the creepiest of men.”

Posie Parker will be taking her “Let Women Speak” tour to Glasgow on Sunday (5 February).

Her events are regularly met with fierce opposition from trans rights protestors

At one of her rallies in Newcastle last month, a so-called gender-critical activist was caught on camera quoting Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in a speech against trans rights.

The rally featured several anti-trans speakers who addressed the crowd, including UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners chairperson Lisa Morgan, who was slammed for quoting the fascist dictator. 

Addressing the crowd, Morgan said: “I know about language, and I know that this [gestures to counter-protesters] is based on something that we call the big lie. 

“Do you know the big lie? The big lie was first described by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf

“The big lie is such a big lie that ordinary people like us think, ‘Well, that can’t be a lie because I would never tell such a big lie as that. We only lie in small ways’. 

“The big lie, well there is one big lie going on, and it was begun by men in the early part of the 20th century. It began when they had an erotic fantasy and they decided they were going to sell us the big lie – and what is the big lie? 

“The big lie is that trans women are women. But they’re not, are they? They’re men and we know that.”

The term “big lie” was coined by Hitler in Mein Kampf (My Struggle), and was used to spread horrific propaganda against Jewish people in Nazi Germany. 

A separate event saw the anti-trans activist’s rally drowned out by an anti-hate cabaret group, as well as people from the “furry” community.

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