Soulless Marjorie Taylor Greene uses Colorado Springs shooting to push pro-gun agenda

Marjorie Taylor Greene wears a red sleeveless top with little ruffles and two silver necklaces as she stands House steps of the US Capitol

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her anti-LGBTQ+ stance and belief in conspiracy theories, has used the horrific Colorado Springs shooting to push her far-right agenda. 

Greene posted falsehoods about drug trafficking – with no evidence supporting her claims – and gun control online, in a vile post about the mass shooting at Club Q.

She wrote: “Tragically, 300 Americans die of fentanyl poisoning everyday in America and Biden says and does nothing. 

“Tragically, 5 people were killed in a shooting in Colorado and Biden immediately demands a ban on assault weapons. 

“The solutions are this: 1. Secure the border and stop the drugs. 2. Defend our right to keep and bear arms so that people can defend themselves from killers who could care less about laws.”

It follows five people being killed, and at least 25 others being left injured, as a result of the Colorado Springs shooting at Club Q on Saturday (19 November).

In response to Greene’s post users have been quick to hold her to account, one wrote: “Republican anti-gay rhetoric and continued support of unrestricted firearms contributed to the shooting in Colorado Springs. Both things you support unabashedly.”

Another wrote: “Note: if you care, which I’m sure you don’t, using people’s tragedies to promote your own political agenda is repulsive.”

Another user called for Greene to resign: “This is a really poor delivery. You used a hate crime that was caused by a MAGA Republican to complain about other unrelated topics. Please, please, resign.”

Following the mass shooting, president Joe Biden has called for an assault weapons ban to be renewed.

Restrictions on the manufacture and selling of semi-automatic guns were first put in place in 1994. However, a decade later the restriction expired. 

Biden, who was in the Senate when the initial assault weapons ban was passed, earlier this year vowed his support of a renewed ban, which passed legislation in the House in July. 

If the bill passes Senate, which is thought unlikely, it would make it illegal to sell, manufacture, transfer, possess or import assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition-feeding devices. 

“Places that are supposed to be safe spaces of acceptance and celebration should never be turned into places of terror and violence. Yet it happens far too often. We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate,” said the president.

He noted “yet another community in America has been torn apart by gun violence”, and called for the US government to “address the public health epidemic of gun violence in all its forms”. 

Colorado police have identified a man they believe is responsible for the death of the five people who lost their lives on Saturday. 

Meanwhile, a man who escaped the shooting has explained the horror he witnessed as people “feared for their lives” and were forced to witness “bodies on the ground”.