The Last Leg slammed for ‘misjudged’ song about Qatar LGBTQ+ killings: ‘So far off the mark’

Screenshot of The Last Leg featuring actor Jess Robinson and presenter Adam Hills singing into microphones with a caption underneath saying "It's too bad i f you're gay"

Channel 4 comedy show The Last Leg horrified viewers with a World Cup “anthem” about LGBTQ+ people being jailed and executed in Qatar.

The 18 November episode featured a musical number on a rainbow-clad stage, where hosts sang about the persecution of gay people in Qatar to the tune of Frank Skinner’s “Three Lions”.

The well-known chorus was rewritten as “it’s becoming home, becoming home, becoming homophobic”, before host Adam Hills belted: “Everyone seems to know the score, but we just can’t ignore dead workers on the floor.”

Later in the song, comedian Jess Robinson chimed in: “So many jokes, so many sneers, but they’ll jail you if you’re queer, and we’ve known it for 12 years.

“But in Qatar if Alan Carr toured and was joined by Boy George and then even RuPaul, they could end up three heads on a spike, meanwhile Beckham’s grinning.”

While the song was clearly intended as satire, viewers were shocked by the murders of LGBTQ+ people being turned into a joke.

“Jauntily singing graphic descriptions of violence against queer people is not the hot take you think it is,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Allyship is welcome, but this is so far off the mark it’s untrue. Especially in the light of the Club Q shooting in America,” they added, referencing the mass shooting in Colorado that took place the day after the episode aired.

“This is NOT the serve you think it is The Last Leg, in fact it’s grim AF,” said another.

A third Twitter user said that they understood what The Last Leg was “aiming for”, but added: “Joyfully singing about the beheading of gay men seems to have missed the point somewhat.”

Under Qatar’s Penal Code 2004 queer people can be jailed for up to seven years if convicted of having sex, and under Sharia law, homosexuality is punishable with the death penalty.

A recent survey showed that a huge 62 per cent of British people of mixed ages, genders and political beliefs believe Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights should have banned it from hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Channel 4 was approached for comment.