Will Young blasts ‘greedy’ David Beckham for Qatar deal: ‘Cowardice personified’

David Beckham and Will Young

Will Young has launched a scathing attack against David Beckham for his alleged £150 million deal as the face of the Qatar World Cup.

The Pop Idol star posted a statement across his social media platforms, sharing his fury about Beckham’s “odious” deal and the fact he has refused to speak out against the abuse of LGBTQ+ people in Qatar.

He urged Beckham to donate some of the huge profit he is said to be earning through the deal to LGBTQ+ charities in Qatar, to provide “much-needed safety to those living in terror”.

In his post, Young said: “What is undoubtedly clear however is a star like you David Beckham who I once sang for (not for any money I hasten to add) at your birthday has disappointed me more than I can say.”


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“People do things for money we all know that. Here is what irks me the most – not a WHISPER from yourself David to show solidarity, not a WHISPER from yourself to show support for the practical massacre of migrant workers, not a WHISPER David to help LGBTQIA+ communities living under constant danger.

“The decision to take the alleged £150 million over 15 years is greedy enough, the burying of your head in the sand from you, your team and your advisers is repellent and cowardice personified.”

Young then challenged Beckham to give £1milllion to charities every year that he receives his “£10 million a year”.

His post on Instagram currently has more than 17,000 likes, with fans largely in agreement with Will Young’s statement.

“The most vexing thing is that he doesn’t need the money at all. He chose to align himself with no outside pressure. It was something he wanted to do. He’s not an ally,” one fan wrote, while another said that Beckham’s legacy was “forever damaged”.

Earlier this month comedian Joe Lycett, who also liked Young’s post, gave Beckham an ultimatum, saying that he would shred £10,000 if Beckham refused to back out of the Qatar deal.

When Lycett heard absolutely nothing from Beckham nor his team, he appeared to shred the cash, before revealing that it was fake and he had already donated the £10,000 to LGBTQ+ charities.

Criticism of Beckham has continued to mount this week, as the former footballer and supposed “gay icon” remained silent about the deal and Qatar’s human rights abuses.

Earlier this week, the Drag Race UK season 4 finalists spoke out against Beckham and fake allies for refusing to use their voice when LGBTQ+ people need it most.

Other stars including Coleen Nolan, boy band Blue, and Nicki Minaj have also faced scrutiny for their stances on the tournament.