The Taylor Swift ‘All Too Well’ effect: How Spotify Wrapped became the gayest holiday of the year

A graphic composite showing a Spotify Wrapped logo superimposed over a rainbow background. (Spotify)

‘Tis the season for the girls, gays and theys to unite around their yearly dose of serotonin – that’s right, it’s Spotify Wrapped.

After Halloween, which remains in first place for the gayest holiday, Spotify Wrapped comes a pretty close second.

With the yearly anticipation to see how queer a music listening app has dubbed you this year, it’s time for the community to gather and shout “gay” at each other’s Wrapped posts.

So from sad girl Taylor Swift supremacy to chaotic gay Rina Sawayama, or literally anything in between, here are the best reactions.

Taylor Swift. That’s It

Are you truly a sad gay if “All Too Well” (Taylor’s Version), (10-minute version),(Sad Girl Autumn Version) is not in your top five?

That’s right, whether you have dedicated your year to finding every single Midnights album easter egg or simply played every album on repeat – it’s time for vindication.

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Did the time you put in get you into that sweet 0.005 per cent of Taylor Swift listeners? Or in the wise words of one Twitter user: “Am I a person? Or am I just a bunch of Taylor Swift lyrics glued together?”

Or is it all just a cry for help?

Discovering which genre of gay you are

Of course, Taylor Swift is not the only sign that you are part of the alphabet mafia, with countless artists speaking to different parts of the community.

Whether you are an edgy Mitski queer, racking up those Beyoncé minutes, or being spiritually transported by Florence and the Machine – gay angst is the one.

Being scared for straight people’s Spotify Wrapped

Of course, the LGBTQ+ community is not the only one receiving their Wrapped and it really does give fascinating, and concerning insight, into what straight people actually listen to.

While others vaguely attempted to jump to their defence.

In conclusion? Happy Spotify Wrapped to all who celebrate – but don’t forget – the minutes are already ticking for next year…