The White Lotus sends fans into frenzy after another full-frontal nude scene: ‘Niccoló I’m free all week babe’

A still from The White Lotus showing actor Stefano Gianino as Niccolo smiling as he strips down in front of a woman with blonde hair who is turned away from the camera

When it comes to male nudity, The White Lotus is doing what Game of Thrones thought it was doing.

First, the show added to Theo James’s long, long, list of projects he’s stripped down in, in the first episode of the dramedy’s second season with the flash of a sizeable – but fake – penis in Aubrey Plaza’s mirror.

Then, we had Leo Woodall’s cheeks on display in bed, and him having ‘relations’ with a character whom the audience was led to believe is his uncle.

But to make it a hat-trick, Italian actor Stefano Gianino – who was only introduced in the season’s penultimate episode as a potential suitor for Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya – has also completely stripped down, tipping fans over the edge into lust-fuelled insanity.

“Niccoló I’m free all week babe” one user posted.

Another wrote: “Niccolo from the white lotus makes my c**chie throb… this show has lots of hot men. like, genuinely”.

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However, some fans have been seriously upset to learn that the penis we saw in the second season’s premiere episode – belonging to Theo James – was a prosthetic that looked like it was “stolen off a donkey”. Good for the donkey, tbh.

“This is what Jesus felt when Judas betrayed him,” wrote one fan.

On the more positive side, viewers have also been rejoicing over an unexpected queer twist, with hotel staff member Isabella enjoying a fling with sex-worker Mia.

Sabrina Impacciatore, who plays Isabella, labelled the twist “life-changing”, and told Entertainment Weekly that “until this moment [Valentina]… was trying to ignore and avoid herself. She was so scared to live her inner nature.”

The plot of the season contains more twists than your average season of Drag Race, with fans speculating over who – if anybody – is least likely to make it to the end of the final episode.