Anti-trans Republican Herschel Walker read to filth by his gay son after losing Georgia run-off

side by side images of Herschel Walker speaking at a podium and still shot from a video posted by his son, Christian

Christian Walker, the gay son of anti-LGBTQ+ Senate candidate Herschel Walker, tweeted a blistering criticism of his father following the Republican’s loss in Georgia’s run-off election

Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated the former NFL player on Tuesday (6 December) in Georgia’s Senate run-off election, handing a key win to president Joe Biden. The results ended an exceedingly messy campaign by Walker, who told trans kids that they wouldn’t go to heaven and said he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.

Walker’s son Christian expressed his delight at his father’s defeat with a series of posts on Twitter. 

“Don’t beat women, hold guns to peoples heads, fund abortions then pretend your pro-life, stalk cheerleaders, leave your multiple minor children alone to chase more fame, lie, lie, lie, say stupid crap, and make a fool of your family,” Christian tweeted

“And then maybe you can win a senate seat.”

Herschel Walker stands at a podium with a sign with his name on it after he lost the Georgia Senate run-off election
Herschel Walker lost in the Georgia Senate run-off election to Democrat Raphael Warnock. (Getty)

The right-wing TikToker castigated his father in searing posts on social media in October after a media report alleged Walker, who publicly opposed abortion rights, paid for an abortion for a former girlfriend

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Christian called out his father for “lying and making a mockery” of his family. He added the former NFL star couldn’t be called a “family man” when he left them to “bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill [them] and had [them] move over six times in six months running from [Walker’s] violence”. 

Christian also warned Republicans not to compare the allegation that Warnock ran over his ex-wife’s foot with his car to Herschel Walker “holding guns and knives to my [Christian] mother’s throw, threatening to kill his therapist, her and one of his adultresses in a therapy session and telling my mom and I he was going to bear our a**es”. 

Christian added in another post that he was “called a backstabber after getting angry and blowing up from watching” Herschel Walker “lie for 18 months straight” during the campaign trail. 

“But he’s not a backstabber for leaving his two minor children he kept secret to grow up without a dad as he chases more fame and power?” Christian wrote. “Pathetic. Raise your kids.”

Herschel Walker initially denied knowing the first woman who said he paid for her to have an abortion, but later acknowledged she was the mother of one of his kids. He also said that he’s written her a $700 check but claimed he didn’t know that it was to pay for an abortion

In October, a second woman claimed that Walker pressured her into having an abortion and drove her to a clinic to obtain one. Walker responded that he was “done with this foolishness” after the report hit the press. 

He had already been accused of negligent parenting – having fathered three children other than Christian whom he never saw – and faced allegations of domestic abuse from Christian’s mother Cindy Grossman.

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