Lady Gaga accused of Satanism – again – after Wednesday clip reignites decade-old argument

A graphic showing a light pink tinted image of Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams dancing in a black dress with a cut-out image of Lady Gaga performing positioned to the right

Lady Gaga has again been attracting online criticism – practically mirroring events from 2011 – when the pop icon was first accused of promoting Satanism.

This time around, the flurry of attacks was prompted by the resurfacing of her hit from the same year, “Bloody Mary”, after it was dubbed over the now-iconic Wednesday prom scene, starring Jenna Ortega.

The lyrics to the song include the lyrics “I’ll dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands, hands above my head, head, head, like Jesus said”, and during the bridge of the song, “I won’t crucify the things you do”.

“Bloody Mary” was featured on Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way, but not everyone is happy with its resurgence.

According to the followers of TikTok user hs35058, who posted a video of herself skimming through the Bible before shaking her head with the caption: “me looking for where Jesus said dance with your hands above your head”, Gaga’s back to her old tricks – being a conduit for Satan himself.

“It’s lady gaga it’s most likely purposefully blasphemous”, one user commented.

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Another wrote: “This song has been in my head but I been so mad cause I don’t know if what they’re saying is bad or in the bible ugh”.

A third added a simple: “This song is Blasphemy”, while another said: “I’m so glad I came across this cause I didn’t realize the song was blasphemy”.

The original user posted a follow-up video, adding that the real issue with the song was not the “dancing with hands above one’s head” but the idea that Lady Gaga wrote the hit from the point-of-view of Mary Magdalene as a divine being, and that she was “Jesus’s girlfriend”.

If you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, so do a few other Twitter users, who have drawn parallels with Lady Gaga’s colourful past habits and the ‘blasphemy’ of the song.

This is all despite the song not actually appearing in the scene, merely inspiring a new dance trend on TikTok.

Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams, recently revealed that when she filmed the scene, she was actually ill with Covid for the first time.