US military plane ‘painted a penis’ in sky near a Russian airbase

A US Air Force has said its military plane accidentally drew a dick in the sky — and the tip just happened to be pointed directly at a Russian base. 

Early last month a KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft flew a penis-shaped flight path in what the Air Force have called a cock up. 

According to flight tracker Flightradar24, the aircraft created the phallic shape after looping between Cyprus and then going over the Mediterranean toward Tartus, a coastal city in Syria where Russia has a naval base. 

“At this time, we do not believe the crew acted inappropriately,” an Air Force spokesperson said.

They added that the aircraft was flying a “refuelling orbit consistent with requirements that met the needs of receiver aircraft”.

The penis-shaped flight path. (Flightradar24)

Twitter users were quick to find humour in an image of the flight path which had been posted online, with many choosing to believe the dick was drawn on purpose.

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“Someone gave that pilot the ‘shaft’ so to speak,” one person tweeted, while another said “this is the best thing to come out of the news all year”. 

Another joked: “I am PERFECTLY SATISFIED with this use of my tax dollars.”

Despite lack of intention the happy accident serves as a reminder of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. 

PinkNews previously spoke to a lesbian couple who recalled having to flee their home country after Russia invaded their homeland. 

Irene and Hanna made the journey to Poland, where they’ve settled in Krakow. They’ve decided to remain there until there’s peace in Ukraine.

In response to the war, activists have set up LGBTQ+ shelters to help their community weather the storm. 

The shelters ensure queer people are having their basic needs met, from food and shelter right up to HIV medication and hormone treatments.

Most Ukrainians are waiting for the day the war will end, but Oksana Dobroskok, who works for Alliance Global in Ukraine, is hopeful the shelters will continue to have a use beyond Russia’s assault.