The Traitors’ Theo opened up about how the show gave him confidence as a gay man: “It’s ok to cry on TV”

Theo Mayne, the latest victim of BBC One’s murder mystery game show The Traitors, has opened up about embracing life as his most authentic self.

The show, hosted by the inimitable Claudia Winkleman, has been praised for its diversity, drama and just how damn compelling it is. On the show, a group of 22 hopefuls have to build up their prize fund, all while trying to vote out three Traitors chosen by Winkleman, who choose to murder a different Faithful each night.

Sadly, Theo Mayne was voted out at last week’s roundtable, despite being a Faithful. While he spoke about feeling accepted by the group on the show, he’s since opened up further about embracing life as his most authentic self.

“The gay community still gets overlooked massively,” he told Metro.

“In some countries, you still can’t marry the same sex. But just knowing it’s ok to cry on TV, it’s ok to be a man and to cry on TV, let alone be a gay man and cry on TV, I just want to be that beacon of light for people and for them to know that you can talk about your problems and you shouldn’t be ashamed.”

The Traitors at the roundtable (L-R) Matt, Fay, Ivan, Theo, Tom (Llara Plaza)

Mayne went on to highlight the newfound confidence he’s gained since appearing on the show.

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“Watching [the show] back, I know anything I put my mind to, I can do,” he continued.

“I’m 100% more confident in myself and what I look like. I’m just gonna embrace who I am and just take the world by storm while being myself and making people laugh.

“I feel so confident and I feel proud, and I’ve done my family proud.”

In the seventh episode of The Traitors, Theo became emotional during a dinner party held by the contestants as he thanked them for accepting him as a gay man.

“It’s never easy being gay. We’re in a modern world and it’s still really tough. A big thing knowing that you can accepted no matter what. It just goes to show you can be yourself and a bunch of strangers will accept you.”

Mayne was well-loved by viewers, particularly by those amused with his many tears.

Elsewhere on The Traitors, 72-year-old Andrea has been praised for becoming an unexpected “sweary, lesbian” icon.

Charities have also praised the representation of older LGBTQ+ individuals on the show, which has already been renewed for a second season.

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