The Traitors’ Diane on being a gay icon: ‘It’s amazing – but a bit weird’

The Traitors Diane

The Traitors star Diane Carson has big plans for her new reality TV career after sky-rocketing to gay icon status in the space of just seven episodes.

The retired teacher was one of 22 cast members in the new season of the hit BBC reality series presented by Claudia Winkleman and quickly became viewers’ favourite with her iconic reactions to her fellow contestants, her jaw-dropping revelations, and her glorious ginger bob.

She was a star from the very beginning until the bitter end, when she led the procession to what she would come to realise was her own funeral. 

The Traitors Diane
The Traitors star Diane Carson has big plans for her new reality TV career. (BBC)

Viewers are devastated the see her go, but now that she has been resurrected in the outside world, Diane has reassured her new fanbase that she hopes to be back on their TV screens soon.

Asked how she felt about her newfound fame and “gay icon” status, the 63-year-old told Metro: “It’s mental, I’m flattered, absolutely flattered, it’s amazing! But it is a bit weird, really.

“I went on for a laugh, on a game show, and it’s spiralling out of control.”

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Diane successfully gagged The Traitors viewers in episode three when she dropped the bombshell that fellow contestant Ross was, in fact, her son.

While the mother-and-son duo tried to conceal their relationship, Ross managed to sneak in a jab at Diane, telling her that he wasn’t impressed with her roast dinners. 

But Diane held onto that throwaway comment and is now hoping to prove her cooking skills if she gets a chance to get in front of the camera again.

Revealing her plans for a new reality show, she shared: “I think it would be great to do Sunday Roasts at Diane’s House with celebrities. How good would that be?

Diane The Traitors
Diane’s time on The Traitors elevated her to gay icon status. (BBC)

“I’d have anybody round, that would be fine! And my roast dinners aren’t as bad as Ross says.”

Her first guest? Comedian and presenter Jayde Adams.

Diane has rallied a powerful fanbase behind her thanks to her The Traitors debut, so there’s no doubt the series would be a resounding success.

In a separate interview with The Guardian, Diane commented on officially achieving gay icon status – a title that many can only dream of.

“All the reasons that keep coming up as to why I might be a gay icon seem to be the qualities that really annoy my family, which is the funniest thing ever,” she told the paper.

“One of them would be that I’m very direct and give my opinion when it’s not wanted, but really that is just me being me. I didn’t go in with any strategy. Surviving was my only strategy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Diane couldn’t help but pitch her reality TV show idea again. If you don’t ask you don’t get, as they say!

“How good would that be?,” she asked, after bringing up Sunday Roasts at Diane’s House again. “ My Sunday roasts are delicious and we could just discuss the issues of the world.”

Get this woman cooking on the telly stat!

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