RuPaul reveals the iconic moment he knew Jinkx Monsoon had won Drag Race All Stars

A stil from Drag Race All Stars 7 showing drag queen inkx Monsoon in a white and purple outfit and orange wig

RuPaul has admitted Jinkx Monsoon won him over well before the Drag Race All Stars finale.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, RuPaul was questioned by a fan on what he thought about Jinkx becoming the first drag queen to play Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago on Broadway.

“Jinkx is a star. We knew it from her audition, we knew it,” Ru said, before diving into her recent return to Drag Race for the all-winners All Stars season.

“She’s got this joke in All Stars all winner season where she talks about Yvie Oddly’s manhood,” RuPaul said.

“I’m going to butcher this – ‘Yvie Oddly’s d**k is so big, I was in the middle of doing a line of coke off of it, it occurred to me I’ve turned into my mother.’”

Mama Ru’s coffee enema had obviously kicked in moments before, as he then erupted into a fit of rapturous laughter, shrieking and clapping his hands for 30 seconds straight.

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Attempting to catch his breath, Ru admitted: “That was the moment she won!”

The joke was one of many that bowled the judges over during Jinkx Monsoon’s set on the All Stars 7 Kennedy Davenport Center Honors Hall Of Shade Roast. She won the challenge and then went on to rightfully win the season

It appears that Ru is and has always been a huge fan of Jinkx – despite forgetting her name at DragCon LA earlier this year in an awkward yet hilarious faux pas.

Since winning the show, Jinkx has remained booked and busy. Alongside her Chicago gig, the queen has been touring the world with fellow Drag Race alum BenDeLaCreme in The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show.

During Ru’s appearance on Cohen’s talk show, he also revealed which Drag Race runner-up he would have crowned if he was given the chance.

Asked by Cohen which queen without a crown deserved to get one, Ru said: “Shangela! Shangela. She’s amazing. We’ve put her on the show, like, three times, something like that. She’s a fabulous queen.”

Shangela controversially lost out on the All Stars 3 crown to Trixie Mattel, despite slaying the season to within an inch of its life.

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