TikTok icon Dylan Mulvaney radiates trans joy in stunning new video

Dylan Mulvaney looking to the right infront of a white background.

Everyone’s favourite TikTok trans topliner Dylan Mulvaney is radiating pure joy in her new post-surgery video.

The trans social media star revealed her stunning new look in a Friday (27 January) Instagram post that was as about as stylishly queer as we’d expect.

Dancing to the song Perfection by Clint Mansell for the film Black Swan, Mulvaney revealed how she looked after undergoing facial feminisation surgery (FFS).

The set of procedures aims to create a more feminine appearance and is not usually covered by healthcare plans, so can be quite costly.

After one of the most fabulous post-FFS face reveals ever, Mulvaney exited from the red curtain of her photoshoot and said: “Alright, that’s a wrap on face reveal!

“Oh my gosh, hi, I missed you!” she continued. “You know I have a flare for the dramatics. But, it’s so good, right? I’m so happy, and it’s still me, it’s just a little bit softer of a version.”

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She finished the video by saying that she hopes more can be done to help trans and nonbinary people access gender-affirming care because her own procedure was “life-changing.”

Mulvaney announced she had gone in for surgery in a December 2022 Instagram post showing her lying in a hospital bed awaiting surgery, as well as a picture of her bandaged up afterwards.

She also wrote a poem dedicated to her face, which read: “If we had stuck it out together forever, we would’ve made it work. But you sparked a sadness much too often, that most will never relate to.”

As part of her recovery, Mulvaney took a brief hiatus from regularly posting about her transition on TikTok while reassuring fans that it was the “happiest I’ve ever been.”

A post from 1 January detailed her recovery, saying that she needed “a week or two to heal,” but that if fans were “down to keep watching, then I’m down too.”

“2023 is for boundaries and [fewer] people pleasing,” she added. “Let’s take care of the trans community in 2023 with the same love and advocacy that you’ve given me.”

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