Trolls are getting upset by a cable car decorated with a Progress Pride flag: ‘Pathetic snowflakes’

Sydney WorldPride's Rainbow City project has seen a cable car adorned with the Progress Pride flag

Tourism Australia’s official Instagram account has been swamped with hate from anti-LGBTQ+ “snowflakes” because it posted a cable car decorated with the Progress Pride flag in honour of Sydney WorldPride 2023. 

The account shared the image of Scenic World Blue Mountain’s stunning Pride-decorated cable car and captioned it: “There’s a whole lotta love under (and above) the rainbow in New South Wales…” 

The caption went on to explain that Visit Blue Mountains had swapped its “iconic yellow” design of its cable cars “for a rainbow” as part of Sydney WorldPride’s Rainbow City project. 

“Float atop the Progress Flag and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Jamison Valley, strut the runway of the Scenic Skyway with a drag queen or ride the world’s steepest railway with a drag king,” the caption continued. 

‘Sydney is a world-class city that celebrates diversity’

Sydney WorldPride will take place between 17 February and 5 March and its Rainbow City project will see organisations across greater Sydney install rainbow monuments in celebration of the festival.

“It is so exciting to see organisations of all kinds across Sydney – from public institutions to businesses – embrace WorldPride in such a positive way,” said Kate Wickett, Sydney WorldPride chief executive.

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“Sydney is a world-class city that celebrates diversity, and I can’t wait for visitors to see the fantastic display of support for the LGBTQIA+ community when more than 500,000 take part in Sydney WorldPride.” 

‘A sense of community and inclusivity in the Blue Mountains’

Head of marketing at Scenic World, Axel Moline, told PinkNews displaying the Progress Pride flag on the Scenic Skyway is “to celebrate Sydney WorldPride in a way that anyone and everyone can feel a part of”.

“We wanted to do something unique – as far as we know this hasn’t been done before – and create an iconic image for visitors to remember from their visit to the Blue Mountains and the beautiful World-Heritage landscape that make the area so special.”

Moline added: “It was especially important to us that the Progress Flag was accessible and you don’t have to buy a ticket to see it, to foster a sense of community and inclusivity in the Blue Mountains.”

Also featured as part of the project is a Bondi Beach sea wall mural, which sees Pride, trans and rainbow flag murals painted across the famous beach’s sea wall.

But certain people – mainly insecure trolls on the internet – haven’t welcomed the overt inclusivity, and have made their feelings known under the glorious Instagram post.

One person wrote: “Blue Mountains looks much prettier than the forced indoctrination,” while another commented: “More woke bulls**t.”

Another commenter felt the temporary design in celebration of WorldPride was ruining “everything”, they wrote: “Can you guys just not ruin everything.”

Another angry user demanded: “Get rid of that flag, it makes Australia look bad,” while someone else seemed to believe the flag was ruining nature, despite the cable car usually being bright yellow. 

They wrote: “How about the Aussie flag for Australia day? Enough already! I’m over this being shoved in our faces and it’s a place where families like to go and explore… I live in Sydney, you can’t escape it as it is! Please leave our national parks and mountains alone and leave them as nature intended.” 

Others chose to post downward-thumb emojis and share their “disappointment” at the inclusive design. 

‘A symbol of love and diversity’

But others have called on those getting worked up to calm down. One user wrote: “The large number of LGBTIQ people living in the Blue Mountains celebrate this and can’t wait to welcome you all here for World Pride! 

“To all the haters… this is a temporary flag and is a symbol of love and diversity. Don’t get so worked up over it!” 

Another said: “Look at all the pathetic snowflakes in the comments having a whinge because they’re so sensitive they’re offended by a rainbow flag. 

“Very un-Australian. Back in the day people would have got round it and shown their support for a marginalised part of our community. People these days are so pathetic.” 

Pop royalty Kylie Minogue has been confirmed as the headline act at Sydney WorldPride. She will perform at the Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride opening concert on 24 February.

PinkNews has contacted Sydney WorldPride for comment.

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