Wenclair fans: Emma Myers thinks Wednesday needs a ‘season of singleness’ in season two


Wednesday star Emma Myers is rooting for Wednesday to live her best single life when the hit Netflix series return for a second run.

Wenclair is the popular ship name made for the perpetually cynical and gothic Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and her bright sparky werewolf roomate, Enid Sinclair (Myers).

In season one, Wednesday is put into a love triangle with barista and son of local sheriff, Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and fellow Nevermore Academy student Xavier (Percy Hynes White).

However as the season progresses her relationship with the two tragically implode, while her friendship with Enid grows stronger than ever.

Many fans have pointed out the undeniable chemistry between the two, with some accusing the series of queerbaiting, while others have called for future seasons to explore their relationship.

Myers admitted she has seen the countless tweets, fan art and love for Wenclair, telling Variety: “I’m not on Twitter, and I’m not really on social media very much, but my sisters find it amusing to send me stuff. My Instagram comments are flooded with it, and so are my DMs. So yeah, I have seen it.”

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The ship has been acknowledged by the cast with both Myers and Ortega previously commenting that they would love to see the two get together.

After she was asked about a potential Wenclair romance, Myers shared her renewed hopes for Wednesday’s love life.

“Anything is possible in the show,” she explained, “we haven’t really spoken about direction at all, so I don’t really know what the game plan is for anything.

That being said, Myers does think Wednesday should be single for a while.

“As far as love interests go for Wednesday, I feel like at least for a second season, she needs to take her season of singleness.

“She just had a whole fiasco with her men, she’s got to lay it off for a little bit. I would be deterred from dating anybody if I had gone through that.”

Ortega has echoed similar sentiments, telling Etalk she “had to accept” the love triangle. “I don’t think Wednesday would ever be in a love triangle,” she said.

“I talked to the writers about this and they said ‘don’t worry, it’s not going to be that’,” adding that she sees Wednesday being in “platonic” relationships with men in the future.

She did clarify that “in a perfect world” Wednesday and Enid would be together though, so there is still hope.

As the hype increases for season two, time will tell how things pan out. Fans are rallying in agreement with Myers, saying it is the perfect set up for a slow burn romance.

One fan wrote: “She is so real for that. Season two should be about Wednesday finding out about herself and developing even more as a character alongside her friendship/relationship with Enid so that when we get season three it would totally make sense for them to get together.”

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.