Young Royals season three: Potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Young Royals season three's Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg)

It’s bittersweet news for die-hard fans of Young Royals, as it has been announced that the Swedish teen romance will be coming to an end on Netflix with its upcoming third and final season.

The show so far has seen Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) adjust to life at prestigious boarding school Hillerska, meet and fall in love with fellow student Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg) and face plenty of drama along the way. 

The news Young Royals had been renewed for a third season was first confirmed in December 2022 by Netflix, who posted a photo of the show’s main characters with the caption: “Simon + Wilhelm forever? Young Royals will return for a third and final season.”

Ahead of the show reaching its end, here is everything we know so far about Young Royals season three, including potential release dates, cast, plot and more. 

When will Young Royals season three be released?

Young Royals series three went into production in April 2023, so it’s likely that fans will have to wait a while before getting an official release date. 

Series one of the beloved show was released in July 2021, followed by series two in November 2022. Filming for season two to began in February 2022 and wrapped in May, with the series released almost six months later, in November.

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Given that filming for season three began in April and based on the season two production timeline, viewers can likely expect to see the third and final season on their screens by late 2023 or early 2024.

Who is starring in Young Royals season three?

The photo Netflix has released to promote Young Royals’ third season shows Wilhelm and Simon holding hands, meaning fans can expect the show’s leading men Ryding and Rudberg to return to the show.

No cast members have been formally confirmed to return for season three, but fans have speculated that series regulars including August of Årnäs (Malte Gårdinger), Sara (Frida Argento), and Felice (Nikita Uggla) are likely to make a comeback. 

Do we know anything about the plot?

While no teasers or trailers have been released for series three of Young Royals yet, fans have been making pretty good guesses about what might be to come based on series one and two.

The finale episode of season two ended on a dramatic note, after Prince Wilhelm publicly confirmed that he had appeared in a leaked sex tape with Simon – a scandal that was explored in both series one and series two.  

The second series also explored Wilhem and Simon’s relationship as they attempted to find a way to be together.

Many fans think that as Wilhelm admitted his part in the leaked sex tape, he is also publicly confirming his sexuality and feelings for Simon, meaning there could be a happy ending in store for the couple in series three. 

What has the Young Royals cast said?

In an interview with Digital Spy, Rudberg explained that he wants to see “unconditional love” between his character and Wilhelm. 

“It can go in so many different directions. I have a lot of ideas,” he told the outlet. 

“Me and Lisa Ambjörn, the head writer, we want to sit down and talk about what we see and what we feel, and the ideas, and what’s actually going to happen in the story.”

He added: “I feel like it was a lot clearer for me when it came to season two… It was like, ‘This happened in season one. This can happen in season two.’ With season three, it’s like, ‘Now we’re talking. Now it’s getting real.'”

Rudburg explained that while the plotline has to contain drama to keep things “interesting”, he would like to see a happy ending for Simon and Wilhelm. 

“One thing that I really just want to see is Simon and Wilhelm – will they be happy? So we can get a taste of the love. The 100% love – the unconditional love – and being together. That’s something that I want to see,” he told Digital Spy

Omar Rudberg as Simon (L) and Edvin Ryding as Willhelm in Young Royals season two. (Johan Paulin)
Omar Rudberg as Simon (L) and Edvin Ryding as Willhelm in Young Royals season two. (Johan Paulin)

“That’s something that I’m looking forward to, to see them like a ‘we against the world’ kind of thing. That would be so beautiful to see.”

Edvin added in an interview with JustJaredJr that the ending of the show would be “bittersweet”.

“It’s still very early. The script is still being written,” he said. 

“But we know that it’s going to be the finale season. Which is, kind of, it’s bittersweet. But we’re looking forward for this chapter to close and what’s gonna happen with Simon and Wilhelm.”

Young Royals season one and two are available to watch on Netflix now.

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