Dove Cameron wants to make music for everyone to enjoy – ‘except straight men’

Dove Cameron wearing a blue blazer and black bralet with her hair tied up and red eye makeup on a white background.

Singer Dove Cameron has doubled down on her gay icon status after confirming her music is for anyone to enjoy, “except straight men”.

The 27-year-old actor-turned-musician is coming off the high of her new single “We Go Down Together”, an ethereal tune featuring Khalid.

It’s the fifth song she has released in the past year, having kicked off her new era of music with “Boyfriend” and going on to win the MTV Video Music Award for best new artist.

The songs come from her upcoming debut album, tipped to be called Celestial Body, which she hopes will be “stream-of-consciousness sad girl music”, according to People.

The bisexual former Disney star said: “I’m allowing myself to be more human on stage rather than having it be the place that I feel the least safe.

“All of that is down to the amount of support I’ve gotten from fans and other women in the queer community.”

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She added: “You don’t have to be a part of the queer community to come and enjoy my music. It’s my aspiration to make music that everybody can enjoy – except straight men.”

Icon behaviour.

As for what non-straight male fans can expect, she wants to explore everything from “heartache” to “losing a parent at a young age, losing best friends, and eating disorders”, among other heavy themes.

“I’m finally finding a way to talk about those things in a much more honest way,” she admitted.

This is not the first time Cameron has paid homage to the LGBTQ+ community, who have been a major influence on her work over the years.

During her MTV VMAs acceptance speech, she dedicated the award to “all the queer kids out there” who don’t feel like they can “inhabit the fullness of who they are”.

She continued: “Thank you for getting an overtly queer song on to mainstream radio. Thank you for supporting me as the artist I am, and I hope you can give others the same privilege.”

Her music has LGBTQ+ themes running throughout it, not least her hit single “Boyfriend” which is about two women having an affair.

And during the American Music Awards in November, she paid tribute to the victims of the shootings at Club Q in Colorado Springs, and highlighted the importance of queer spaces.

Dove Cameron accepts the award for Best New Artist. (Jeff Kravitz/Getty)
Dove Cameron accepts her award for MTV award. (Jeff Kravitz/Getty)

“I want to remind you that you are made absolutely right and you are so loved and so held and I want to thank you for supporting me and thank you for holding this space, I’m holding it for you too,” she said.

The star first came out on Instagram Live in 2020 and opened up about her identity in an interview a year later.

“It felt like something that I could never talk about. I was never confused about who I was,” Cameron said. “I felt I wouldn’t be accepted and I had this strange narrative that people wouldn’t believe me.

“I was really nervous to come out, and one day, I dropped it because I was behaving like somebody who was out and I realised I wasn’t.”