RuPaul’s Drag Race lip sync assassin Jax says she was ‘shocked’ by LaLaPaRuza elimination

Drag Race

Jax, the formidable lip-sync assassin of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, was sent home after the latest LaLaPaRuza Smackdown – but said she was “shocked” to lose all three of her battles.

During the eighth episode of the series, the remaining ten queens put their charisma and choreography to the test in a knockout lip-sync tournament comprising of eight separate duels.

After losing to Mistress Isabelle Brooks, and further lips syncs against Luxx Noir London and Anetra, a final twist saw Anetra pick between Spice and Jax for the final gag-worthy showdown.

Anetra picked Jax (saving Spice in the process) and saw her become the latest queen to sashay away from this season.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a candid exit interview, Jax said that she was shocked that she didn’t make it through some of the lip syncs – especially given her reputation as a “lip-sync assassin” who had previously sent home Aura Mayari and Robin Fierce.

“I was shocked for a few of the lip-syncs that I didn’t make it through,” she reflected.

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“The [final] one, me versus Anetra, I wasn’t shocked, because of track record[s]. In my brain, I was like, I love Anetra, the b***h deserves to stay here. I want to be there, too, but, if anyone’s going to send me home, I’m happy it was her.”

Jax was also astonished that she lost her first round lip sync against Mistress Isabelle Brooks – a sentiment shared among other queens.

“I really was going full force, this is the first round, you don’t want to have to keep going on and on in this roster,” she continued.

“She’s a fierce entertainer, end of story. I was, however, shocked that I didn’t win that one.”

Jax also admitted to being “blindsided” when the Spice-saving twist was introduced.

“I fully understood the mind set of being like, OK, the girl wants a battle, we’re on a TV show right now, we’re going to give a battle. It wouldn’t be fair for someone as experienced as Anetra to go up against someone like Spice.”

But, not one to go down without a fight, Jax ended her interview with a challenge for a rematch with Anetra, who lost her first lip sync to Sasha Colby.

“I fully understood it, there was no ill will toward Anetra from my end, unless she wants to lip sync again,” Jax said.

Now that’s a rematch we’d love to see.

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