39 thoughts I had watching Drag Race season 15, Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa: ‘I don’t think anyone expected that’

Sasha Colby. (WOW Presents Plus)

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 returns for another episode – this time, featuring a Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa Smackdown as its own challenge – but a last-minute twist sends a very unexpected queen home.

Following a Daytona Wind sequel that was about as funny as Alexis Michelle’s season nine roast, the girls battle it out on the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race in eight separate lip syncs – including Sasha Colby vs Anetra, of ‘Walk That F**king Duck’ fame.

There’s little in the way of story this episode, but a few stellar performances, some good old fashioned shade and a twist makes for very compelling viewing.

Here are 38 thoughts I had watching episode four of RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 15.

  • I cannot BELIEVE that Aura Mayari left RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 by telling the other girls her dead dad was going to haunt them? Easily her most iconic moment.
  • PSA for Loosey LaDuca: as Trixie Mattel once said, that is a lot of emotion for safe. If I was on Drag Race and I was safe I would be absolutely thrilled! I can tell the other girls are getting annoyed.
  • Spice telling everyone she’s going to be entering her top era is about as believable as JK Rowling screaming “TRANS RIGHTS” outside 10 Downing Street.
  • As the girls re enter the next day, I’d like to give Luxx’s werkroom outfits their own bullet point. Toot.
  • Ru announces a Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa Smackdown! As its own challenge! And one of the queens is going home! Consider me gagged.
  • SUCH a smart move from production to insert one of these without having to twist a challenge to make it look like everyone flopped, à la season 14’s Snatch Game.
  • Anetra: “I’m gonna LaLa that f**king PaRuza.” Yes you are, Anetra! Almost undoubtedly.
  • Mistress gives us a quick one, two one around who people are scared of/ very much not scared of: Sasha Colby and Anetra have the girls pressed, but according to MIB, Spice, Marcia x3 and Loosey are the “targets.” I would say the same, minus Marcia, because the theatre kid in her scares me.
  • We are five minutes and forty seconds into the episode before we hit the mainstage. That’s got to be a record.
  • Michelle, what are you wearing?
  • I feel like the producers are gonna pull some stunts and riggory and shoehorn Anetra/ Sasha/Jax into the bottom two or something.
  • Every girl’s definition of ‘Lip Sync Assassin’ drag is so different it’s making me laugh.
  • I would like to give a professional shoutout to Bruno the pitstop member’s package in those very very small underwear.
  • Malaysia is our first lip syncer, but says her choices are between Mistress or Spice – AND THEN PICKS MARCIA, MARCIA MARCIA! I would have picked Spice as an easy target.
  • Is Bruno sitting on the judging panel? It’s what she deserves.
  • Marcia wins; deserved. She was giving flippery and stunts and Malaysia was not.
  • Loosey is next to pick – and picks Spice. Noah Fence, Spice, but that’s a good tactical choice.
  • Salina saying she’s rooting for Spice because if Loosey cops another loss “she could crack” is SO funny.
  • Wait – this is a lot closer of a call than I thought; is Spice going to turn this out?
  • No.
  • Luxx picks Salina, and Salina picks Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. No other thoughts apart from how amazing this song is. And actually, how much Salina is eating this up.
  • I want a mere one per cent of Luxx’s self confidence; I’d be unstoppable. I do think Salina cinched this one, though.
  • “I am a little, very gagged” – Luxx will always make me laugh; I truly don’t think we’ve ever had a character like her on Drag Race.
  • Mistress picks Jax who picks “Tell It To My Heart” by Taylor Dayne – meaning we’re getting an Antrea x Sasha Colby lip sync! Prepare to be gooped.
  • Jax is stunting, and it’s very impressive – but this is the third episode we’ve seen her do that in a row. I’m buying what Mistress is selling, and so is Ru, who saves MIB – a choice which leaves the safe girls are gagged.
  • Marcia getting spicy in the confessional booth and telling Mistress to “go f**k herself” has made me like her SO much more – bring that energy to the werkroom, please.
  • Anetra vs Sasha Colby. My body is ready.
  • My body was not ready. It is cracked. So is my face. These two are stars.
  • Sasha wins – but if that were any other lip sync, it would have been a double shantay.
  • The remaining girls are Malasyia, Luxx, Spice, Anetra and Jax. Malaysia is up, and picks Spice – who picks a song that she knows Malaysia doesn’t know the words! BUT THEN REALISES THAT SHE DOESN’T EITHER. Drag Race is honestly at its best when it’s Game of Thrones crossed with a complete farce.
  • Spice really is just there to have fun, isn’t she.
  • A three-way lip sync is always messy, and I feel like the amount of space that Anetra, Luxx and Jax all need to perform is going to prove that.
  • Irrelevant to the lip sync, love Anetra’s eye makeup. Luxx is saved and while she was the most obviously bang on with the words, I feel like there’s a slight bit of artistic licence from the judges in that choice.
  • This twist is wild. Anetra, Jax and Spice are all left – so Spice should be the easy chop, right? WRONG. Because Ru tells the girls that whoever is picked will save whichever girl she doesn’t pick to lip sync against. So if Anetra or Jax get picked – obviously they’d choose to lip sync against Spice, right?
  • WRONG – SHE CHOSE TO SAVE SPICE/ LIP SYNC AGAINST JAX. Now that’s what I call a gag.

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  • Malaysia’s reaction to Spice being safe from the Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa is so cute.
  • This is Anetra’s to lose – but honestly, anything could happen.
  • I can’t believe Jax got sent home in a lip-syncing challenge? This is like when Jasmine Kennedie hit the house on her Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa – I don’t think anyone expected that outcome.
  • Spice was VERY lucky. I feel like her time could be coming.