Canada’s Drag Race star Eve 6000 asks parents to stop bringing their kids to drag shows

Canada's Drag Race star Eve 6000

Eve 6000, who competed on the second season of Canada’s Drag Race, has urged parents to stop bring their children to drag shows aimed at adults over fears that footage will be weaponised “to hurt our community.”

The Toronto drag queen, who was eliminated in 8th place, took to Twitter to emphasise that while children are welcome at some drag shows, they should not attend ones that “aren’t EXPLICITLY intended for a child audience.”

This is due to concerns that right wing groups or individuals will use the footage of such occasions to push the idea that drag, as an art form, is harmful or indoctrinating to children.

“Parents need to stop bringing their kids to drag shows that aren’t EXPLICITLY intended for a child audience. Stop. You may not care, but your kid gets filmed and will be used to hurt our community,” the Drag Race star wrote.

She has been clear that she does not mean all drag shows; rather, that children should only be attending “designated shows that the cast and audience all knows are going to be appropriate for kids.”

Eve 6000’s tweet came after footage began to circulate showing a trans woman performing at what is believed to be a drag bar, holding a child’s hand and walking them back from the performance area.

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She followed up by directly referring to the video, and explaining that the performer is now the target of right-wing vitriol:

“A trans performer who probably saw the child and just wanted to make sure she had a good time by holding her hand and walking with her is now the target of conservative outrage. This shit is dangerous and potentially even life threatening for us.

A video of the moment posted to TikTok by user @nonononie was reposted to Twitter with the caption: “If I don’t approve of 6yr olds at Drag shows does that make me a bigot?”

The post has been quote tweeted with another plea from Miss Gia Doll, agreeing with Eve 6000, who wrote: “TAKE UR KIDS HOME!!! Because now SHOWGIRLS are at risk. DOLLS [slang for a trans woman] are at risk. Cis ppl getting comfortable putting trans women at risk so they can get drunk without spending on a babysitter. It’s disappointing as f**k. Go home.”

Eve 6000’s tweets come after alumni from across the global RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise have reacted with disgust as the Tennessee Senate have advanced a bill to ban drag shows in public places.

Republican senators approved the bill last week, which would see the state become the first to make it an offence for “male and female impersonators” to perform “on public property” or where they could be seen by minors. It will be discussed by the Tennessee House on Thursday (23 February).

Eve continued to engage with fans and contemporaries, including season 15’s Aura Mayari, under her original tweet.