Drag Race’s Jinkx Monsoon furiously condemns hateful Tennessee drag ban: ‘F**king evil cowards’

A stil from Drag Race All Stars 7 showing drag queen inkx Monsoon in a white and purple outfit and orange wig

RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni reacted with disgust and anger as the Tennessee Senate advanced bill to ban drag shows in public places.

Republican senators approved the bill last week, which would see the state become the first to make it an offence for “male and female impersonators” to perform “on public property” or where they could be seen by minors. It will be discussed by the Tennessee House on Thursday (23 February).

In short, the bill would ban drag artists from performing outdoors at brunches or festivals, while events such as Drag Queen Story Hour would be disallowed for children.

If the bill passes the Republican-dominated Tennessee House of Representatives, which seems likely, first offences would be classed as a misdemeanour.

Second offences would be a Class E felony, reports The Tennessean, meaning drag performers could face up to six years in prison. It is expected to pass the House this week.

Responding to the law, Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon shared a map on Instagram, highlighting how states across the country are progressing with anti-drag legislation.

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“Last night my heart was broken as I learned that Tennessee’s anti-drag/trans bill passed. I really had more faith,” Jinkx began.

As anti-drag bills continue to crop up across the US, there is growing concern that such legislation will prevent trans people from simply existing.

Similar proposed legislation in Texas, for example, defines drag as “a performance in which a performer exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth,” thus banning trans people from performing in any capacity.

Jinkx continued: “We are fighting an uphill battle as a direct result of the progress we have made – [against] the insidious efforts of the conservative right (and well, ALL Republicans at this point, you f**king evil cowards). I want to be angry, and yell, and scream.

“I wanna dismantle every press outlet that continues to give a resounding voice to vitriol and bigotry,” Jinkx, currently starring in Broadway’s Chicago, continued.

The map Jinkx shared was originally posted by Drag Race executive producer John Polly, who explained exactly how harmful the anti-drag bills could be for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Some bills age-restrict attendance at drag shows. Others redefine ‘adult businesses,’ which means most gay bars and even mainstream venues will not be able to get [the] licences they’ll need to host drag shows,” he wrote.

The map indicates that anti-drag legislation is progressing in 14 other states, including Texas, Arizona, Minnesota and Kentucky.

Drag Race season 15 star Aura Mayari, who lives in Nashville, blasted Tennessee’s bill for pretending to “look out for children,” suggesting that most “explicit” activity occurs away from drag shows, in the state’s Broadway area.

“The legislature is targeting our community. Banning drag performances/cross dressing in public because it exploits children? Let’s take a look at the sexually explicit behaviours that happen on the street of Broadway on a daily basis,” she wrote on Twitter.

“You are targeting the LGBT community and do not even lie about it,” Mayari continued.

Aura’s season 15 sister, Robin Fierce, also shared her thoughts on the “miserable” legislation.

“These law makers and reps are just so filled with hate. I hope this can be reversed… these bills are, of course, an [attack] against the queer community as a whole, but also anti-trans bills disguised as ‘anti drag’ bills,” Fierce said.

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