SZA says she’s ‘p**sed off’ by the success of mega hit ‘Kill Bill’: ‘I don’t give a f**k’


“Kill Bill”, from SZA’s second studio album, SOS, is the singer’s highest charting song to date. But she’s less than impressed by its popularity.

The second song on the album, “Kill Bill” references the iconic Quentin Tarantino films by detailing SZA’s homicidal fantasies about a former lover and their new girlfriend.

Although the song went viral on TikTok – and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 – it seems that SZA isn’t too happy that it ended up being the biggest track.

Speaking to Billboard about whether she was surprised by how the chart-topper ending up being the most successful track from her sophomore album, SZA said: “I knew it would be something that p*ssed me off. It’s always a song that I don’t give a f**k about, that’s just super easy [that does well], not the sh*t that I put so much heart and energy into.”

She added that working on “Kill Bill” was “super easy”, and that it only required one take and one night to record in the studio.

The video for the track sees SZA enact her murderous machinations – even dressing up as Uma Thurman’s iconic character from the films.

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The song has sat at its peak on the Billboard charts for more than five weeks, battling Miley Cyrus’ smash hit “Flowers” for the top spot.

Elsewhere in the interview, SZA lambasted the idea of competition with fellow female artists.

“To even be in the conversation with Taylor [Swift] and Miley [Cyrus], even the fact that our fans are fighting, is ridiculous because it’s like, ‘How?’

“I just really appreciate the opportunity to be in that conversation at all. It’s something I never dreamed of.”

The musician also described Lizzo as the female artist she most looks up to.

“There’s nobody in the industry that f*cks with me and that I f*ck with the way that Lizzo f*cks with me and the way I f*ck with her,” she said.

“She never made me feel like because I don’t have a No. 1 song or I [previously] didn’t have a No. 1 album that I wasn’t capable. She’d been telling me that she thought I was the one for years.

SZA also noted the extra pressures upon Black women in the music industry who “don’t get the luxury to try something and have it be something that’s genuinely part of us”.

“You have to allow people to get to know different parts of you. Some people may really f**king hate that, and some people might enjoy it. And I’m grateful for those who enjoy it.”

SZA recently announced the deluxe version of SOS, which will include an extra 10 songs added on top of 23-strong offering.

The singer also began her first arena tour across North America this week.