Suzy Eddie Izzard announcing her new name is proof it’s ‘never too late to be happy,’ fans say

Trans comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard against a colourful backdrop

Activists, allies and all the gays have come together to celebrate Suzy Eddie Izzard’s newly chosen name.

The comedian announced her new name on a Monday (6 March) episode of The Political Party.

Izzard told host Matt Forde that she had wanted to use the name since she was 10 years old, while saying that people can still refer to her as Eddie, if they want.

“That’s how I’m going to roll, so people can choose,” she said. “They can’t make a mistake, they can’t go wrong.”

Fans instantly fell in love with the name, sending their support and solidarity for the new moniker.

“Suzy Izzard’s journey to being herself is heart-warming. It’s never too late to be happy,” one user wrote.

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Another said it was amazing to see that Suzy finally felt the confidence to “use the name she’s wanted to for a long time”.

The stand-up comedian has identified as trans for much of her career, identifying as genderfluid.

She began requesting the use of she/her pronouns in 2020 after appearing in the Sky Arts series Portrait Artist of the Year.

While various media outlets and so-called gender critical pundits have tried to ignore it, most people seem more than happy to start calling the comedian by her preferred name.

One person described efforts to purposefully misgender Izzard as petty and spiteful, while others branded it nasty.

In response to a TalkTV post that does not use the comedian’s preferred pronouns, Good Law Project director Jo Maugham hopes “its guests and advertisers – and even its hosts – take note”.

He said: “Solidarity to Suzy Eddie Izzard, who has more courage in her little finger than those nasty s**theads can even aspire to.”

Despite the inevitable crying from pundits who somehow don’t realise name changes are incredibly common, the support continued.

The Drag Queen Story Hour UK Twitter page states: “Suzy Eddie Izzard reveals her ‘girl mode’ name and we love it!”

Another person pointed out that “if people can call Jonathan Ranganathan ‘Romesh’ when he asks, and Matthew Hall ‘Harry Hill’ when he asks, they can absolutely, 100 per cent, learn to call her Suzy Eddie Izzard.”

In December, the comedian ran to be Labour’s candidate for the Sheffield Central seat at the next general election, but lost out to Abtisam Mohamed.

She gracefully accepted her defeat, saying that the former solicitor would make a fine MP.

During the campaign, she received a hefty amount of abuse from anti-trans people and politicians on social media.

Speaking to PinkNews at the time, she said she would be “following in the footsteps of great people who have already done hard work”.

Izzard added: “I must say a salute to all the gay and lesbian community and all queer people from the 1960s who pushed hard. It’s wonderful to have people to follow.”

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