Gay Republican Chris Sander accused of encouraging paedophilia by colleagues over same-sex marriage

Chris Sander

A gay Republican lawmaker has been accused of supporting pedophilia by his colleagues after he supported a same-sex marriage amendment. 

Missouri GOP representative Chris Sander is seeking to amend the state’s definition of marriage from “one man and one woman” to “two individuals”, thereby recognising same-sex unions in the state’s constitution. 

Although same-sex marriage is enshrined in federal law in the United States, Missouri’s constitution still uses the heterosexual definition, which was approved in 2004. 

The amendment put forth by Sander would seek to bring the state into line with the Respect for Marriage Act, which was signed into law by president Joe Biden in December and protects same-sex and interracial marriages.

Sander describes himself as a MAGA (Make American Great Again) Republican and President Trump campaign advocate since 2012, who takes a hard line on other issues, including illegal immigration, abortion and gun rights. 

But other members of the Jackson County Republican Party have not taken kindly to his amendment. 

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‘An abomination to God himself’

In an email seen by the Kansas City Star, the county’s vice-chairwoman, Teresa McBride, described Sander’s campaign as disgusting and likened it to encouraging paedophilia. 

“The mere fact that you want to change the wording from ‘one man and one woman’ to ‘two individuals’ is an abomination to mankind and to God himself,” she wrote.

“The term ‘two individuals’ could be defined and interpreted in many different ways and open the door for pedophiles to legally rape and physically harm children. That is disgusting, and promoting an agenda as such, is an abomination to our country.”

Local Republicans have tried to censure Sander twice during the past month because of his stance but were voted down in both cases. 

In a text message to the Kansas City Star, Sander said: “The Jackson County GOP censure and the Missouri Republican Party platform represent a small minority of leadership who conflict with our US constitution. The committee members do not like gay Republicans.”

Following the second censure vote, the Jackson County GOP opted for members to sign a petition against the amendment.

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