44 thoughts I had watching Drag Race season 15 reunion: ‘If this was a challenge, she would have won’

Queens of Drag Race season 15 reunion

With just one more week until the final four of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 lip sync it out for the crown, there’s still drama a-plenty for the cast in a frosty reunion episode.

Sasha Colby, Anetra, Luxx Noir London and Mistress Isabelle Brooks may be the only queens left in the running for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, but the remaining 12 (!!) queens of season 15 come into this reunion like they have something to prove.

A few girls receive simply no air time, which is indicative of the season-long editing problem, but those that do make their thoughts and feelings deliciously known.

It’s not season nine levels of gags, but Amethyst and Robin (remember them?) ‘close the chapter’ on their relationship, Loosey gets annihilated every time she opens her mouth and Sasha Colby increases the entertainment value by sheer virtue of her very blue contact lenses.

Irene enters her screen time era, proving we missed out on one of Drag Race‘s best ever villains, Sugar and Spice continue to speak in what I’m still not sure is English and we finally talk about ‘Who-Should-Go-Home-Tonight-And-Why-Gate’.

Here are 44 thoughts I had while watching the (hour and 20 minute long?) reunion of RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 15.

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  • The girls are doing their introductions and let me tell you something, Princess Poppy as Rebecca Glasscock’s season one entrance look threw the first brick at Stonewall because that is HISTORY.
  • The twins are dressed as Lizzie Maguire and Isabella Parigi from The Lizzie Maguire Movie and they absolutely ate. Say what you want, those b***hes can reference.
  • Cute little sizzle reel of the season, except – it’s not little, it’s about half an hour long. I feel like so much happened and nothing happened?
  • The problem with the shorter episodes in this season is that Ru is bringing up storylines that we have no idea about. Apparently Mistress was in her theft era all season long but we never saw it.
  • Anetra took a lightbulb? Of all the things to steal. Her makeup is sickening though.
  • I’m going to speak my truth: I’m fulling coming out as a Sugar and Spice apologist. I’m tired of pretending like they weren’t just fun to watch on TV! The Miley Cyrus snatch game will go down in infamy.
  • Look at them just chatting absolute nonsense! They speak so much without saying anything, it’s an art.
  • This season really was the era of eras. Taylor Swift is shaking in her boots.
  • Another reason to love the twins: how is Sugar going to say she’s in her ‘nail era’ while wearing nail-less gloves?
  • The obsession with coming second in the challenges this season was also weird – you either win or lose?
  • Mistress is running this entire reunion like the Navy, mawma. Salina, meanwhile, has not said a single word.
  • Loosey saying “I just wanted to win” is so valid. I never really got it when contestants have a go at someone else for wanting to win, it’s a competition!
  • A Kevin Bacon cameo was not on my reunion bingo card.
  • LET LOOSE! This song has been on repeat in my head for weeks now. The Lemon feature on the remix also slaps, FYI. Let loose.
  • Sasha Colby’s contact lenses are taking me out, she looks like Mayhem Miller in that meme.
  • They’re talking about the Marcia x3/Anetra lip sync, so I must watch it again. See you all in three minutes.
  • Confirmed – still sickening.
  • God, I love Sasha Colby. Ru asks whether she knew that everyone was scared of her in a lipsync and she just says: “Uh … yeh.” Clock that tea.
  • My favourite Marcia confessional was when she told Mistress to “go f**k herself”. Like … so left of field, I lived.
  • I just don’t care about Robin Fierce and Amethyst’s relationship, I’m sorry to say.
  • Hilarious that Marcia is launching a makeup line after being slagged off for her makeup all season. That’s like LaLa Ri launching a clothing design company.
  • Some of theses unaired reads are great! However, even if I was Irene, I would not be coming for Sasha Colby, and certainly not at a Drag Race reunion.
  • Salina was NOT feeling Irene’s read and I’m screaming at her reply: “Ok, white girl.” HELP.
  • I’m not saying anything in particular, but they’re talking about the ‘Gates’ of the season and Luxx was involved in every single one of them. It’s giving common denominator. Good telly though.
  • Ok, let’s get into HeavenGate, where Loosey and Luxx clashed over the lead for Wigloose. I want Loosey to actually let loose and pop off.
  • Loosey! Say something! Luxx has just admitted that she ‘gave’ you the role so you would fall farther if you flopped and you’re sitting there silent – she has just admitted doing what she has accused you of all season and you are giving meek and mild.
  • They’re looking at the runway lewks for the eliminated queens and we missed out on Irene’s runway package – big time.
  • The fact that the Golden Boot is now a proper award is insane. Also, there should have been a Maddy Morphosis trigger warning.
  • Finally, we’re talking about the most iconic ‘Who Should Go Home Tonight and Why’ that Drag Race has ever seen. This was wild to watch. Again, can Loosey actually give us some fire please?
  • I’m still gooped at Luxx’s answer. She gave us a TED Talk.
  • Luxx saying that it was inevitable someone’s feelings were going to be hurt is true, but they didn’t have to get hurt that much, damn.
  • Anetra could afford to be saying a few more words!
  • Salina is noooot feeling this reunion, is she?
  • The queens take a moment to talk about the heinous laws that are being passed across the US – and Sasha Colby talks about her personal experience about being scared in a public place like an airport bathroom. It’s terrifying.
  • This message from the Connecticut government is making me cry – and Loosey. Hate it when a Drag Race reunion makes me feel things.
  • This is a really serious issue that the queens are talking about, but the fact that the subtitles say “[indistinct noise]” when Mistress says “white twinks” is sending me west.
  • Ru telling the queens to be ‘unbothered’ by feedback online – I feel like Ru could afford to take some feedback every now and then!
  • The phrase “you have kicked the zeitgeist in the p***y” is phenomenal. I’m getting that tattooed on me.
  • This unseen footage of the top four really proves how much we lost out on as viewers with the cut down episodes. It has instantly made Ru more loveable and the queens more accessible.
  • WHY did they cut out Ru saying she is amazed by Sasha? In that moment, she has won the season.
  • If this was a challenge, Mistress would have won (Luxx and Loosey second and third/third and second), with Salina and Poppy in the bottom two.
  • After complaining about short episodes, I’d like to point out that there is zero reason for this reunion to be nearly an hour and a half long.
  • I cannot wait for the finale of Sasha Colby’s Drag Race next week.

The finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs on Friday 14 April, 8/7c on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on Wow Presents Plus the following Saturday morning from 2am GMT in the UK.

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