Disneyland keeps trolling Ron DeSantis as it announces first-ever Pride event

Disneyland Paris is lit up in rainbow colours for Pride

Disneyland in California will hold its first-ever official gay Pride in June, amid Disney’s ongoing fall-out with Florida governor Ron DeSantis. 

On Thursday (13 April), Disney Parks took to Twitter to announce that it will host Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite. 

The post, which has received more than 470,000 views, has seen Twitter users comment underneath to share their happiness at the much-loved theme park choosing to celebrate the queer community and its allies.

But many in the comments have called for Disney World in Florida – where the anti-LGBTQ+ Don’t Say Gay law was signed into law by DeSantis last year – to do the same. 

Game designer, Liam Kerr, was thrilled to read the announcement, tweeting: “This is amazing. We’ll be going for sure.” 

Many commented that a percentage of the money made from ticket sales should be donated to LGBTQ+ charities. 

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Kaiya Kramer, the creator of the Queer Life radio show, wrote: “Very happy that you’re supporting the LGBTQ community,” while Matthew Woods said: “Love and acceptance. Thank you, Disney. 

Eddie Shapiro, the organiser of the annual unofficial Gay Days event at Anaheim, confirmed to The Mercury News that the pro-LGBTQ+ ticketed event would also be going ahead. 

The celebration will include dance parties, a formal procession and photo opportunities, with costumes being encouraged as long as they conform to Disney guidelines. 

“I’m happy Disney is finally doing something, especially in the wake of what is going on in Florida,” Shapiro said, referring to the torrent of anti-LGBTQ+ bills that have emerged in the Sunshine State. 

Shapiro added that the Gay Days celebration is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with many supporters choosing to wear red T-shirts to identify their affiliation.

The Pride events will take place from 9pm to 1am on 13 and 15 June with tickets costing $139 (approximately £112) going on sale on Thursday, 20 April. 

Disney stick to vow to fight for the LGBTQ+ community

Disneyland’s move follows Walt Disney World reportedly getting set to hold the world’s largest LGBTQ+ conference: The Out & Equal Workplace Summit. 

The timing of both events is certain to be interpreted as a poke at hard-line Republican DeSantis, who has clashed with Disney over his anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

The company initially came under fire for failing to take a public stand against the measure – which bans discussions of LGBTQ+ issues in most Florida classrooms – and for donating money to Republicans pushing the legislation.

That resulted in mass walkouts of Disney’s LGBTQ+ staff and allies as well as condemnation from celebrities and advocates around the world. 

After the backlash, Disney denounced the law and said it would pause all its political donations in Florida.  

Disney also vowed to fight for the LGBTQ+ community by getting the controversial legislation “repealed” or “struck down in the courts”

In response, DeSantis said the company had “crossed the line”, and he has continued to label Disney as “woke”

Right-wingers target ‘woke’ companies

Right-wingers are increasingly using the term “woke” in a bid to justify their attempts to boycott companies for being inclusive. 

Earlier this month a former Jack Daniel’s fan’s video went viral as his tirade resulted in him burn hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise while shouting “f**k your woke-ass company” to the camera. 

The tantrum was over the Tennessee-based whiskey company giving a platform to drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race in its summer campaign, Drag Queen Summer Glamp, which was sponsored by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, with adverts airing during June to celebrate Pride. 

Bud Light’s partnership with trans actress Dylan Mulvaney has also seen several right-wingers claim they would no longer drink the beer, with musician Kid Rock even filming himself shooting Bud Light cans.