RuPaul’s Drag Race stars cause hilarious chaos following Elon Musk’s Twitter blue tick removal

RuPaul's Drag Race stars Bosco and Miss Fiercalicious.

Elon Musk has finally committed to removing legacy blue ticks from official Twitter accounts, and RuPaul’s Drag Race stars are having a lot of fun with it.

The removal of Twitter’s blue ticks has allowed anyone to masquerade as their favourite celebrities simply by changing their name and display pictures.

For some Drag Race alumni, that meant one thing: impersonating Mama Ru herself.

Drag Race season 14 finalist Bosco changed her name on the app to “Rupaul” and changed her profile picture to the same one Ru has on her official Twitter account.

The first tweet Bosco sent under her RuPaul guise was a little obvious: “I just want everyone to know that Bosco is my favourite queen to ever compete on the show and that when I retire she will be taking over for me.”

Then, things took a hilarious turn as Bosco, who came out as trans last year, shared: “For season 16 we will be forcibly transitioning the contestants if they are not already trans.”

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“Going forward, the prize for winning Drag Race will be mandatory bottom surgery,” she added in a follow up tweet.

Fellow Drag Race alumni joined in with the fun, with Canada’s Drag Race queen Lemon fretting that the tweets would “end up on Fox News“.

Continuing to pretend that Bosco was in fact RuPaul, season 15 finalist Luxx Noir London replied with: “Why wasn’t I top two?”

Bosco continued with a few hysterical jibes at other Drag Race judges Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews, writing: “I had to pick one judge to sacrifice to the Illuminati for more fame it would have to be Ross.”

Fans were finding the funny side, though some were worried that Bosco would be getting a call from RuPaul’s lawyers.

“Bosco don’t take this too far, we want to see you in All Stars,” one fan cried.

“Oh Bosco they’re gonna send you home first on All Stars,” another tweeted.

A third added: “You’re only gonna stop when RuPaul takes legal action,” along with the crying with laughter emoji.

RuPaul wasn’t alone in being impersonated – Canada’s Drag Race finalist Miss Fiercalicious changed her Twitter display details to appear as queen Brooke Lynn Hytes, who judges the Canadian franchise. 

“My toes are aching from many years of walking en pointe,” she tweeted. “It’s looking like I might need to retire as host of Canada’s Drag Race and leave the reins to Fiercalicious.”

Then, a simple: “Fiercalicious was robbed.”

Elon Musk’s decision to remove legacy blue ticks from accounts that don’t pay for Twitter Blue has been widely criticised for this very reason.

It will enable celebrities and other high profile figures to be easily impersonated – and the Drag Race alumni are hilariously proving this point.