11 of the most iconic runway looks from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15

Luxx Noir London's promo photo against a pink background.

As RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 prepares to crown a new queen, it’s no exaggeration to say that this year’s competition delivered some of the greatest fashion moments in Drag Race herstory.

While the season 15 cast all brought their sartorial A-game this season, it was undoubtedly Sasha Colby, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Anetra and Luxx Noir London that tore up each and every runway – and aside from a few anomalies, it’s the top four who gave us the very best fashion moments. 

From high-camp to haute couture, here are the 11 greatest looks served on this season of Drag Race.

11. Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ ‘Puffer Please’ runway

Pink and yellow is always a winning combination, and this look in particular leaves me gasping for a rhubarb and custard.

I know Michelle Visage isn’t the biggest chaps champion, but come on hun, these? Flared, puffer chaps? It’s an undeniable serve.

Plus: a puffer bucket hat? The Barbie blonde wig? Her name on the belt? She knows she gobbled.

10. Luxx Noir London’s ‘Everybody Say Glove’ runway

There’s nothing better than a RuPaul’s Drag Race queen who takes a runway theme and puts a spin on it that literally no one else would’ve thought of. It’s a golden ticket to the finale. Her arms are in a cast because honey, she snapped.

9. Anetra’s ‘Drag Excellence’ runway

This looks like it was taken straight from a video game or film franchise where Anetra is the absolute star of the show. She looks like a Pokémon gym leader who’s about to make Ash Ketchum unemployed. Whoever styled that wig deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

8. Loosey LaDuca’s ‘Haus of Matthews’ runway

This woman is the most fun woman staying at your all-inclusive in Crete. It’s not even 11am and she’s on her third piña colada. She’s got a drag brunch booked for the day after she lands back home, and she is, without doubt, a mother.

Really, though, this is just a super cute, super fun and super put together look. It’s the most gorgeous Loosey looked all season, even though it’s quite simple – and if it weren’t for Luxx, she could’ve won this week.

House of Matthews on the Drag Race runway.
Loosey LaDuca (second from the left) stuns in House of Matthews Palm Springs couture. (RuPaul’s Drag Race/MTV)

7. Aura Mayari’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway

A stunning example of why the intersection between glamour and horror is a sweet spot for drag queens. When Aura turned around to reveal that spine, the collective gay gasp could be heard from space. She carried this week’s runway on her extremely exposed back.

6. Sasha Colby’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway

The Sasha Colby domination starts here, ladies! Aura Mayari had a little help carrying the ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway category, as Sasha showed up as a veiny tree witch from HELL and we were all the better for it. This is the Pokémon that comes out of the Pokéball thrown by Anetra’s gym leader.

Side note: the entirety of this ranking could be made up of Sasha Colby looks. It’s not, for balance, but please know it could be.

5. Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ ‘The Ball Ball’ runway

This stupid, stupid Mistress look is so criminally underrated. I am obsessed with every element – the fact she has beach balls for boobs, the way she has mini beach balls hanging from her facekini à la anal beads, the fact her mug is still beat to that extent under the facekini. It’s a campy masterpiece that deserves more love.

4. Sasha Colby’s ‘Rip Her To Shreds’ runway

In 1873, American tailor Jacob W. Davis created the first pair of denim jeans. Until Sasha Colby walked the runway in this fully-fledged pop star get-up, poor Davis’s life work had been in vain. Not anymore.

3. Luxx Noir London’s ‘Haus of Visage’ runway

Luxx’s best look being the one she made herself showcases just what an insane powerhouse she is. Everything about this – from the towering hair wrap down to the perfectly hemmed cuff of those zebra print pants – is perfection. Love, love, love.

2. Sasha Colby’s ‘Puffer Please’ runway

The Bee Movie, if the bee gave up trying to serve justice, and instead decided to just serve.

1. Anetra’s ‘Crystallised Eleganza’ runway

The fact that the best look of the entire season wasn’t one bought from home or made before the show began, but was actually created by hand in the workroom, is testament to the sheer talent of the season 15 cast. While Anetra’s gown is stunning enough, it’s the details that make this look what it is. From the glass-like spine and rim, to that sharp, pearl wig, and even the cut-out perfectly centring her butterfly tattoo – this is art, mawma. 

If Anetra doesn’t win season 15, and ends up on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, you can bet everything you own that she’ll get the Shea Couleé treatment – and rightfully so.

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