‘Gender critical’ woman accused of ‘lying’ about experience with man in gender-neutral toilets

Gender-neutral toilet sign

A so-called ‘gender critical’ woman appears to have deleted her Twitter account after being accused of allegedly fabricating an experience she had in a gender-neutral bathroom.

On Tuesday (1 May), Twitter user @NoraUtd posted saying she had visited a bar on Manchester’s Canal Street and when going to use the bathroom, was “quite grateful” to have been directed by a staff member “to the back of the bar with a quieter bathroom and no queue”.

“Bathroom was big enough, loads of stalls, it seemed empty when I first went in,” she wrote.

However, she claimed that as she was fixing her lipstick before leaving, “a drunk man who was about 2ft taller than me stumbled out of a stall” behind her.

“I was alone with him. I left immediately.”

She added: “I can’t ask my heart rate not to shoot up or reprogram my brain to not feel immediately alarmed in situations like this, nor should or any other woman have to.”

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“You could say, ‘nothing happened’, but every time this happens to a woman, it’s a gross invasion of our privacy, dignity and right to sex-based protections. This is not about men or men claiming to be ‘trans’ people, this is about women. When it comes to OUR rights, we come first.”

Screenshot of a now-deleted tweet by @NoraUtd that was branded false (Twitter)

Nora signed the tweet off with the hashtag #SaveWomensSpaces.

People accused her of lying to push a gender-critical argument when she was in a queer space — noting that Canal Street is historically the centre of Manchester’s gay village.

One of the responses to the tweet was from a man named Samuel, who claimed he was the “drunk man” who she encountered in the gender-neutral toilet.

He said he was a senior staff member at the bar, which is never named in the exchange, “who had just finished his shift and went to use the bathroom before he left”.

“You were already at the sink when I entered so you were aware of my presence,” he wrote. “I was also completely sober.”

“I would like to remind you that you were in an LGBTQIA+ venue that has gender neutral facilities and offers a safe space to everyone.”

Samuel then requested that Nora never return to the bar.

Others also chimed in, including RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four winner Danny Beard.

“Don’t come in queer spaces then Nora love, we all get on fine with you,” the iconic bearded queen wrote. “The point of genderless bathrooms is so everyone’s safe … it’s you coming in that makes it unsafe.”

Other users agreed, with one writing: “Stop coming to LGBT spaces if you don’t like inclusivity.”

Manchester drag queen Vicky Carriage commented: “Kellie Keen supporter uses the bathroom in a venue well known for its inclusivity and gender neutral facilities.

“Uses this true/untrue experience to push her gender critical agenda. Colour me shocked!!”

PinkNews has contacted Samuel for comment.

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