Trans person asked if they’re ‘boy or girl’ during GB News coronation debate ‘totally expected it’

Two photos showing Riz Posnett, a white trans person with short blonde hair and glasses, and Lady Victoria Hervey, a white woman with long, curled blonde hair

An anti-monarchy activist confronted with crude questions about their gender live on GB News tells PinkNews the incident has only spurred them on.

Riz Possnett, a university student and anti-monarchy activist with No More Royals, appeared on GB News’ “The Clash” segment opposite aristocrat Lady Victoria Hervey on Wednesday (11 May). The pair were invited on to debate the arresting of protesters during King Charles’ coronation.

A total of 64 arrests were made by the Met Police on the day of the coronation, including six from the UK’s leading anti-monarchy group Republic. The Met has since expressed its “regret” and cancelled bail for all six.

Possnett told Hervey that the protesters were causing no distribution, before Hervey responded: “No one cares about you guys”. 

Hervey then accused Possnett of being part of the “woke generation”, and in a dire attempt to derail the conversation asked: “Are you a boy or a girl, because I’m confused right now.”

Possnett responded: “That’s absurd.” 

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Clips of the exchange have fuelled outrage on Twitter, with Hervey coming in for heavy criticism.

Speaking to PinkNews, Possnett said Hervey’s attempt to belittle them on live TV was “so extremely deluded”.

“Obviously, it’s a bit of a slap in the face, but I totally expected it, and honestly when someone says something like that to you it’s almost reassuring as they have got nothing better than that,” they said.

“It reminds me, oh yeah, I’m right.” 

Possnett told PinkNews they rationalised Hervey’s comments by coming to the conclusion that “she’s an idiot”. 

They said it’s important to them to take “any media opportunity” to talk about opposing the monarchy, which they said goes against the principles of democracy, and to “be brave” on behalf of the trans community. 

“It’s consistently true of every aspect of interview I’ve been taking with right-wing media, there just is no genuine counter argument or facts,” they added.

“It’s just objectively true that the monarchy doesn’t have a place in modern Britain.” 

Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic who was among those arrested, previously told PinkNews having a royal family goes against every democratic principle in the book, adding that he believes the royals don’t care about LGBTQ+ people. 

Possnett is using the attention they are receiving to raise funds for a homelessness charity in Oxford. They will be matching any donations made to the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement up to £600. 

On Twitter, they wrote: “The government should be dealing with the crisis of inequality we have in Britain. It shouldn’t be normal for people to be without shelter, food, or heating. 

“However, whilst we fight for a better future, we need to support those who make people’s lives more bearable right now.” 

Of the 64 arrests made on coronation day, 46 were later bailed after being held on suspicion of causing a public nuisance or breaching the peace.

The Commons Home Affairs Committee is to hold an evidence session on the Met’s handling of anti-monarchy protests at the coronation.

Chair Dame Diana Johnson has said there are “real questions” to be answered about how the controversial new Public Order Act – an anti-protest law – was used.

GB News and Lady Victoria Hervey were contacted for comment.