Suella Braverman being ignored by students on GB News declared ‘comedy gold’

Suella Braverman gets blanked

Former home secretary Suella Braverman’s attempts to engage with students protestors in Cambridge ended in humiliation after she was repeatedly ignored during a GB News segment.

In a GB News clip posted by TV channel on Thursday (16 May), Suella Braverman is seen walking with a reporter past a group of pro-Palestine protesters who had set up camp outside the University of Cambridge. 

“Why are you covering your faces?” Braverman asked them, to a wall of absolute silence from the protestors, who stared ahead in apparent disdain.

The Conservative MP for Fareham, in Hampshire, then tried to get a reaction from a different group, saying: “I’m keen to hear what your message is to Israel.” 

Again, no on replied, with an excruciatingly awkward silence hanging in the air.

Suella Braverman in Rwanda
Protestors gave former home secretary Suella Braverman the silent treatment. (Credit: Getty Images)

The scene concluded with Braverman reading a board put about by the students that called for vegan and nut-free food to be donated.

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The cringe-worthy video has been praised as “bloody brilliant” since being circulated online.

One person wrote: “Absolutely love this. Suella Braverman gets the silent treatment she deserves.” 

Another thanked GB News for “giving us comedy gold by posting this embarrassing clip”. 

Braverman is no stranger to criticism. Last September, she was condemned for her “deeply disturbing” comments about LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.

At the time, Labour MP Diane Abbott said that Braverman “wants to pretend that gay people are being granted asylum for trivial reasons”, adding: “There is no evidence of this. Instead, these claims are because the Tories are so far behind in the polls.

“But I do not believe public opinion will follow her descent into the sewer.”

In March, during a parliamentary debate on conversion therapy, Braverman called for a ban on transitioning for under-18s.

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