The North Face used a drag queen for a Pride advert and – you guessed it – bigots are whining

Drag queen Pattie Gonia

The North Face is being hounded by right-wing bigots who are demanding a boycott of the outdoor clothing brand after it launched its 2023 Pride Month campaign. 

On Wednesday (24 May), the brand announced it had teamed up with drag queen Pattie Gonia for its Summer of Pride. This is the second year in a row it has run the campaign.

“Hi, its me Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual,” the drag artist said in the tongue-in-cheek advert. “I’m here with The North Face to help you come out … in nature with us.”

In the wake of conservative backlash against Bud Light, Target and Adidas over LGBTQ+ inclusive campaigns and products, homophobes were quick to direct their relentless ire at The North Face.

Controversial Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter, saying she now only wants to buy “generic brand clothing” to avoid “brands sexually targeting children”. 

“Besides … we can save a fortune NOT wasting money on labels that are grooming our children,” she added. 

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Some people called the campaign “unacceptable” and the company “Marxist”, with others saying they would add the brand to the “list” of businesses they are no longer buying from due to Pride merchandise.

However, unlike other brands, The North Face does not appear to be bowing to the pressures of the anti-LGBTQ+ minority. 

“We recognise the opportunity our brand has to shape the future of the outdoors and we want that future to be a more accepting and loving place,”North Face told Newsweek in a statement.

“We’re partnering with Pattie because we believe the outdoors are for everyone.

“The North Face online community is designed to be a safe, positive and inclusive environment. 

“It’s why we have a zero-tolerance policy against racist, discriminatory, threatening, abusive, harmful, vulgar or attacking social media comments, which will be removed immediately.”

Growing calls for boycotts from conservatives

In recent days, Target has faced an onslaught of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric over its Pride-themed collection, forcing the supermarket chain to rearrange the placement of products.

On Tuesday (22 May) the US retailer announced it would move Pride displays to the back of stores in southern states after pushback from customers. 

The backlash has only grown in recent days, fanned by social media, with various videos shared online showing bigots destroying displays and having altercations with staff members. 

Bud Light continues to face the fallout from its collaboration with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

In April, the booze brand gifted Mulvany a can of their beer with her face on it. 

Anti-trans activists were incensed by the collab, making their vile views widespread on social media and some people even being arrested after destroying boxes of the beer in shops.  

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