Hollyoaks’ conversion therapy storyline comes to tragic head as Dillon and Lucas are left to die

Hollyoaks Dillon death

Hollyoaks characters Dillon Ray and Lucas Hay have finally confessed their love for each other but a devastating conversion-therapy storyline has left them facing tragedy.

Note: This article contains discussion of self-harm, which some readers may find distressing.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

The conversion-therapy storyline involving Lucas, played by Oscar Curtis, reached a brutal climax in scenes streaming on Channel 4 yesterday (30 April) – an episode that will air on E4 this evening. (1 May).

As part of Carter Shepherd’s nefarious plan to coerce Lucas to travel to America to “finish his studies”, the headmaster orders the student to fetch his passport and speak to no one. But Dillon (Nathaniel Dass) spots Lucas and chases after his schoolmate, whom he nearly kissed in a recent episode.

With Dillon urging Lucas to tell him what has been going on, the latter finally admits that Carter had been practicing conversion therapy on him, with the help of the “toxic and intense” Declan Hawthorne – the man who “fixed” the teacher in the past.

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Hollyoaks Dillon and Lucas
Tragedy looms for Dillon (L) and Lucas as the conversion therapy storyline reaches a shattering climax. (Channel 4/ Lime Pictures)

After the revelation, Lucas breaks down in tears and finally realises there is nothing wrong with being gay. Dillon then says he’s in love with him.

This causes Lucas to panic again. With feelings of shame rising after weeks at the hands of Carter’s vile messaging, he lashes out at Dillon, leaving his friend unconscious.

After realising what he’s done, Lucas self-harms to a point where he is slipping in and out of consciousness – but not before he confesses his love for Dillon.

The episode ends with the pair lying on the ground, seemingly bleeding to death. Will someone find them in time?

The long-running soap has been a trailblazer of LGBTQ+ representation on prime-time TV. Although Nadira Valli left after confessing her love for Lacey Lloyd in January, Lucas’ conversion therapy storyline and Rose Lomax’s gender-identity plot have gripped viewers – and been met by a right-wing backlash.

Rose opened up about her feelings to trans character Kitty Draper, who tried to assure the youngster that they would be OK.

“I don’t know what the first step is. I’m a boy but my body’s all wrong. How am I supposed to tell my parents that?” Rose asked.

Hollyoaks airs at 7pm Monday to Friday on E4 and on Channel 4’s streaming platform.