Watch Jinkx Monsoon’s most iconic moments as Doctor Who’s Maestro: ‘I’m them’

Jinkx Monsoon’s iconic Doctor Who villain Maestro wasn’t just guilty of stealing music during their much-hyped episode of the BBC sci-fi series, they also stole the show.

Ncuti Gatwa, as The Doctor, and Millie Gibson as new travelling companion Ruby Sunday, took up their full-time roles in a double bill to kick off the new season on Saturday (11 May), with showrunner Russell T Davies returning to the helm.

But, despite dazzling performances from Sex Education star Gatwa and a guest appearance from Bridgerton‘s Golda Rosheuvel in series premiere “Space Babies”, Jinkx stole the limelight as the villainous Maestro in episode two, “The Devil’s Chord”.

The character made good on reviewers’ early calls that they were a villain to be remembered. One of the best moments was the instantly meme-able appearance of Maestro’s image in a spoon, leading to the coining of the phrase Jinkx Mon-spoon online.

DRAG RACE star Jinkx Monsoon bears her teeth as she climbs over a piano in the new Doctor Who trailer.
Jinkx Monsoon as Maestro in Doctor Who. (BBC)

There was also Jinkx’s entrance from inside a piano and their correcting of pronouns from a befuddled bystander, which goes something like this: a man tells Maestro to get away from him, to which the hugely camp villain replies: “Them.”

“What?” the bystander asks. “I’m them,” Maestro emphasises. “But my notation is Maestro.”

Later in the episode, viewers see Maestro outsmart the Doctor, and yell: “Can’t trick me twice, honey” all while Ruby is suspended from the ceiling by magical musical chords.

There’s also the small matter of Maestro being able to use music itself as a weapon. They try to rid the world of all melodies – with The Beatles and Cilla Black turned into tuneless twerps – thereby threatening to destroy the universe entirely.

The first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer and Disney+. Episode Three, “Boom”, airs on BBC1 at 6.50pm on Saturday (18 May).