Bisexual singer Kali Uchis embraces her postpartum body in a powerful post: ‘I love my baby weight’

The singer spoke out about her postpartum figure. (Getty)

Kali Uchis has embraced her postpartum body since giving birth to her baby boy. She told followers in a powerful post: “I love my baby weight”.

The out bisexual singer welcomed her baby boy into the world with her partner Don Toliver in March. “Giving birth to you was the greatest day of my life,” she said at the time. 

In a since-expired Instagram story, the “After The Storm” hitmaker has now celebrated her post-pregnancy body in a powerful post.

As per Pop Base, Uchis shared a throwback photo of herself from her Instagram grid. The image shows her wearing a figure-hugging sequin mauve dress from the Latin Music Awards in April – which was taken just over a month after she announced the birth of her baby boy.

“Fck a trend I love my baby weight,” she began in her caption.

Like all postpartum people, her body has undergone some amazing changes for the safe arrival of her baby, and Uchis explained that she now feels happy in her body. “[I] used to hate being skinny so I don’t plan to be that again & if I lose too much of this weight ima be sad!

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“Have whatever body type u want,” she added, celebrating body positivity. “I promise nobody can bully me into abusing diabetic medication,” she said – suggesting that people have told her to use the popular weight loss drug Ozempic, which other celebrities have been accused of using – “or altering myself, respectfully.”

The Grammy-award-winning R&B artist is bisexual but previously said that she doesn’t want to be categorised in one way. 

In an interview with Antidote Magazine, Uchis spoke about her music video for “la luz (Fín)”, which sees the singer kissing a woman. “The video emphasizes my bisexuality, for example. I wanted to show that there is not one way to label me. The one for ‘Aquí Yo Mando‘ highlights female power. What connects all the videos for Sin Miedo is the notion of pride and empowerment, which I wanted to convey to my fans. 

“My fanbase is made up of people from all walks of life who have always felt like outsiders, like me. I was never the popular girl at school, I had a hard time being accepted by my family… Most of the time, my music is about that: about accepting yourself as you are, even when you feel marginal.”

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