Bisexual singer Kali Uchis welcomes first child with Don Toliver

Kali Uchis has welcomed her first child with Don Toliver. (Getty)

Congratulations are in order! Kali Uchis has welcomed her first child, a baby boy, into the world with Don Toliver. 

The bisexual singer, 30, took to Instagram on 14 March to share the news with her fans, saying “giving birth to you was the greatest day of my life”. 

“Thank you for choosing us to be your parents,” she continued in the sweet carousel of photos with her baby and the 29-year-old rapper. “You give us so much strength & motivation to be greater, to be our best selves for You. & we hope every day you feel how loved you are by us; nothing compares.”

In a further video sharing a glimpse into her birth and the first few days with her baby, she added: “You are everything we could have hoped for & more. Thank you God for our beautiful healthy baby boy, & thank you all for the Good energy along the way. may our home & your homes forever be blessed with peace, happiness & health.”

The Grammy-award-winning R&B artist is openly bisexual but previously said that she doesn’t want to be categorised in one way. 

In an interview with Antidote Magazine, Uchis spoke about her music video for ‘la luz (Fín)’, which sees the singer kissing a woman. “The video emphasizes my bisexuality, for example. I wanted to show that there is not one way to label me. The one for ‘Aquí Yo Mando‘ highlights female power. What connects all the videos for Sin Miedo is the notion of pride and empowerment, which I wanted to convey to my fans. 

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“My fanbase is made up of people from all walks of life who have always felt like outsiders, like me. I was never the popular girl at school, I had a hard time being accepted by my family… Most of the time, my music is about that: about accepting yourself as you are, even when you feel marginal.”

The star has always been an activist for the LGBTQ+ community, having literally screamed “gay rights” during her 2023 Coachella set. Uchis yelled a poignant message to fans holding Pride flags in the crowd during an instrumental section of her smash hit ‘telepatía’. 

“Gay rights! We see the gay flags over there, gay rights,” she said at the time.

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