Trans TikTok star AJ Clementine ‘broken-hearted’ after splitting with boyfriend of five years

Trans TikTok influencer and model AJ Clementine has revealed that she has broken up with her boyfriend of five years. 

AJ Clementine, 28, shared news of the split with her 2.3 million TikTok followers with a video posted with the caption “me thinking he’s about to ask me to marry him” and followed up with “we break up instead”.  

She added: “I’ll cherish the five years we had. I guess he just wasn’t my Prince Charming.” 

The unexpected announcement has sent fans into a frenzy with one asking: “Is this about Ryan or your ex?” 

‘No jokes this time’

Another person asked: “But didn’t you just move to another country with him?” 

Responding to being asked if “this is for real”, AJ said: “Unfortunately it is, no jokes this time.” 

AJ’s ex-partner Ryan is from London, while AJ is from Australia. The pair met at a college and have been inseparable since. 

In a follow-up video, AJ said she’s “waiting for this to be a prank”. 

AJ first came out as trans to her younger sister

Speaking to Frank Body, AJ opened up about how gender-reassignment surgery “really did change my life”. 

Talking about coming out as trans, she added: “The first person I told was my little sister Kiana. We would talk about it a lot and we basically grew up together, so she created a safe space where I knew she would understand. 

“Even though there were people [who] already knew (I didn’t really have a coming out process), I just knew I could talk to her about it and she would love me either way.” 

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