‘Many waterfowl are very gay’: Elliot Page set to narrate LGBTQ+ animal documentary Second Nature

Composite image shows Elliot Page, left, in a still from the Umbrella Academy. On the right are two razorbills mating on a cliff

Trans icon and Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page is set to narrate a documentary about gay animals called Second Nature, and we can’t wait.

According to Deadline, Second Nature will be executive produced by Page, who will also narrate the documentary set to explore instances of same-sex attraction in species other than humans. And, spoiler alert, they’re everywhere.

As teased by one of the scientific experts consulted for the film in a brief trailer for Second Nature, “Homosexual behaviour in nature is one of the best kept secrets. It’s absolutely everywhere. Dolphins have homosexual sex all the time. Penguins pair bond with members of the same sex too… Many waterfowl are very gay.”

Another expert from the Second Nature trailer also reveals that many animals “also illustrate sex transition, where females change to become males… or males to become females. Some can even change back and forth.”

The full teaser trailer, which features dolphins, lions, giraffes and more getting their pride on, is available to watch below:

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In a statement provided to Deadline, the Umbrella Academy star said: “What a joy and honour it has been to narrate this beautiful, funny, enlightening and inspiring documentary.

Second Nature reveals the full spectrum of life and how when it comes to gender and sexuality in nature, the diversity is endless. I learned so much and am thrilled others will too.”

Directed by Drew Denny, Second Nature “debunks harmful myths about sex and gender, following trans trailblazer Dr. Joan Roughgarden and groundbreaking female, BIPOC and immigrant scientists who face fierce opposition for correcting the record,” according to a release.

Speaking on Oscar-nominated actor Page’s involvement, Denny also added: “I’m so honored that Elliot will be the voice of our film.

“Not only is he a phenomenal actor, but he’s an activist with a big heart-taking such care to use his platform to better the lives (and save the lives) of queer folks during this time of relentless attacks. We’re so impressed by him, and we are so lucky he’s joined our team.”

Second Nature is executive produced by Megan Ellison and Matt Jordan Smith of Page Boy Productions alongside Elliot Page, and co-produced by editor Jennifer Steinman-Sternin.

An hour-long version of Second Nature will screen at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco later in June. The full feature-length version of the film is in production and has no release date yet.

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