Marlon Wayans – who has a trans son – trolls bigots with Pride post: ‘Zero f**ks what people think’

Marlon Wayans has shown once again that he’s the ultimate LGBTQ+ ally (and supportive dad of a trans son) by sharing a Pride month post on Instagram – then trolling bigots who reacted negatively to it.

Wayans shared an image from a Pride-themed photoshoot to Instagram, writing: ““Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples. I’m STRAIGHT … well, according to my child, CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples.” He was pictured draped in a Pride flag.

The post was liked 260,000 times, and received almost 14,000 comments – including from LGBTQ+ celebs like Janelle Monáe, who wrote: “Thank you!! Happy Pride to us! 🌈😍🏳️‍🌈”.

However, as to be expected in this day and age on social media – there were plenty of bigoted and negative replies as well. One person said: “I’m the First to unfollow you and delete all your movies on my Netflix”. Another simply commented: “Disappointing”.

The anti-LGBTQ+ responses prompted the White Chicks actor and comedy star to post another Pride photo, which he captioned: “As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero f–ks what people think. If I lost you … GOOD!

“Your hateful ass never loved me in the first place. Some of y’all funny. I’m a troll. I’ll post all day.”

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He kept going the following day, posting an image of himself in a rainbow mask and writing: “Do i look like I really give a f**k?! Happy PRIDE month. Especially to all the hateful dudes out there mad because I’m supporting family and friends.

“For people to be that homophobic wreaks of repressed feelings/desires. Bruh, don’t live like that. Come on out. Be you. That’s what PRIDE is all about… acceptance. I swear i got soooo many more pics.”

In an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show in 2023, Wayans revealed that his son Kai is trans and made it clear that he’s fully supportive of his child’s journey.

The Scary Movie star explained that any confusion or ignorance he previously had regarding transgender people was quickly pushed aside once his son came out as trans, adding that accepting his child for who they are was pretty much a no-brainer.

“I gotta respect their wishes and as a parent I just want my kids to be free – free in spirit, free in thought, free to be themselves,” he shared.

Marlon Wayans’ new special

Marlon Wayans attends his screening of Good Grief, smiling at the camera.
Marlon Wayans debuts his comedy spcial Good Grief. (Shareif Ziyadat/Getty)

In his two Pride posts, Marlon Wayans also mentions his new comedy special Good Grief on Amazon Prime.

The 51-year-old comedian uses his new stand-up special to unpack grief, his upbringing and the bond with his parents, rather than speaking directly about his trans son.

Speaking to the LA Times, Wayans shared that he wanted to open up about his family even though it hurts. 

“I think it’s beautiful to talk about something that hurts you and something that’s real,” he explained.

“I think this is my strongest set because as I do more stand-up, I get more personal.

“The audience was very beautiful and very supportive. I don’t know if they know, but hearing them laugh was healing for me.”

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