Rugby player’s vile homophobic tattoo sparks outrage: ‘Why would anyone get that tattooed?’

Rugby players in scrum on pitch, ground view

New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL) has confirmed a junior rugby league has threatened a ban for a player who has a homophobic slur thigh tattoo. 

Cronulla Junior Rugby League was forced to issue an official warning to a player, who has not been named, after a thigh tattoo spelling out a homophobic slur was spotted in a photo circulated online.

Text across on of his thighs reads “eat sh*t f****t”, while the other says “snort lines and f**k”. 

According to reports, the player has been told to cover his thigh tattoos or risk being banned. 

Backlash against the player followed an image of him being posted on the league’s social media, with people pointing out what his tattoo read. After his tattoos were spotted, the post was quickly taken down. 

One person wrote: “Why would anyone get that tattooed. Kid must have some real problems.”

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Another sarcastically wrote “his mother must be so proud” while someone else jibed “seems like a decent bloke”. 

Rugby leagues issue response

A NSWRL spokesperson said in response to backlash: “We have a zero-tolerance to any form of bullying, harassment or vilification towards people with diverse sexualities and genders. 

“Cronulla JRL has issued the player an official warning and asked him to cover the offending tattoos if he wishes to continue to play in any sanctioned NSWRL competition.

“The NSWRL and Cronulla JRL are committed to providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all people, including those of diverse sexualities and genders.

“Being an inclusive sport not only reflects our core values, it also reflects the diversity of our local communities.”

Elsewhere, broadcaster India Willoughby made history in April by being appointed patron of the Keighley Cougars rugby league club. Her appointment saw her become first trans person to hold that title at a professional sports team.

Co-owner of the team, Garcia, told PinkNews that Willoughby’s appointment is a “a powerful statement of inclusivity and representation” and helps to challenge “stigma” and foster understanding in the sport. 

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