Gay stars Nathan Lane and Matt Bomer to lead new LGBTQ+ Golden-Girls-style sitcom

Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane.

Only Murders In The Building‘s Nathan Lane and Fellow Travelers star Matt Bomer have signed up to star in a new gay sitcom.

As recent, sadly false, rumours have shown, there is a massive hunger for a Golden Girls reboot, and while Mid-Century Modern isn’t exactly that, it’s being dubbed the next best thing.

Produced by queer TV legend Ryan Murphy, responsible for American Horror Story, Pose and regretfully, Glee, the new Hulu series features the two gay stars playing best friends in Palm Springs, California.

According to Variety, Bomer will take on the role of Jerry Frank, a former Mormon who left the Church after his ex-wife outed him as homosexual. “Now a latter-day saint in the literal sense of the term, Jerry is pure of heart. He is also hard of body and soft of head,” a synopsis reads.

Matt Bomer in a blue blazer and white shirt with silver chain poses for photos against an reddish background.
Matt Bomer plays a former Mormon outed by his ex-wife (Getty)

Lane, the veteran star of dozens of movies, including The Birdcage and Angels in America, as well TV series such as Modern Family and The Gilded Age, will play Bunny Schneiderman, a well-to-do businessman on the brink of retiring.

Bunny has a sort of imposter syndrome when it comes to finding love – he’s always trying to find it, but never quite feels good enough to embrace it.

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Bomer’s character is somewhat reminiscent of Betty White’s Rose in Golden Girls, while Bunny is said to be more like Dorothy (Bea Arthur).

As if Mid-Century Modern couldn’t sound any camper, Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan are writing the scripts. 

Linda Lavin is set to play Bunny’s mother Sybil, a “wise, caring and iconoclastic” character, filling in as the show’s version of Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty).

The Golden Girls
The new show may not quite be The Golden Girls, but it might be the nearest we’ll get to a reboot. (NBC)

A Hulu spokesperson said: “The series follows three best friends – gay gentlemen of a certain age – who, after an unexpected death, decide to spend their golden years living together in Palm Springs where the wealthiest one lives with his mother and a naked Gen Z housekeeper.”

There is currently no release date for Mid-Century Modern.

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