Right-wing TV host hilariously dragged for saying his marriage proposal ‘defeats Pride month’

Addison Smith down on one knee proposing

Religious commentator and right-wing journalist Addison Smith is facing a backlash on social media after proposing to his girlfriend and captioning the moment: “Pride month is so defeated.”

Former Newsmax presenter Smith has been mocked on X/Twitter after he posted a photo of himself down on one knee proposing to Charis Edward, and another of her diamond ring.

He captioned Sunday’s (23 June) post “Pride month is so defeated”. 

His wife-to-be reposted it, adding: “Make June great again”, in an obvious dig at Pride month. 

But other social media users were quick to point that marriage shouldn’t be based on hate, with one questioning why the couple felt the need to make it about the LGBTQ+ community. 

A gay person sent their “sincere sympathies” to Edwards for her fiancé’s mistake in thinking gay people are opposed to marriage. 

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Meanwhile, a straight married man wrote: “Pride is not about keeping people like us from getting married. It’s about letting everyone who wants to get married.” Smith’s post didn’t defeat anything, he added. 

A gay couple reposted pictures of their wedding, noting that they have recently celebrated five years together and Smith hasn’t been affected by their ability to get married. 

Someone else highlighted that Smith’s post was a “self-own”. 

Smith doesn’t seem bothered by the backlash. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “Just when we thought our engagement weekend couldn’t get any better, we triggered an entire army of libs in the process. We can’t think of a better way to cap off Pride month.” 

If he wants to frame it like that, it’s up to him. However, it certainly seems like an odd choice for an engagement announcement. As one LGBTQ+ X user put it: “I relate to Addison Smith because when I one day propose to a woman I, too, will be thinking about gay people while doing so.”