YouTuber Niki Demartino comes out as pansexual in emotional Pride Month post

YouTuber Niki Demartino has taken to social media to tell her followers that she is pansexual and dating a woman. 

Prior to meeting her girlfriend, she never realised how great life could be, she says in the Instagram post.

“The first time I fell in love with my girlfriend… I never knew how magical life could really feel, and how much someone could truly understand who I am to my core. I didn’t know how effortless and natural love could feel. Literal magic.

“Love is love and it’s real, no matter the gender. Happy Pride month, queers. Happy to be here with you.”

Other stars – possibly most famously Miley Cyrus – have also come out as pansexual, which describes a person who is capable of being attracted to any and all genders. People’s sex or gender does not matter play a part in a pansexual person’s preference. 

Demartino revealed that her girlfriend’s name is Jules and they have been together since 2021, but only officially started dating last year. “I fall in love with the vibe not the gender,” she said. 

Some fans had been shocked by her announcement, she admitted, but explained she’d always looked for attention from females more than from men and her only celebrity male crush was Justin Bieber. 

Something was always missing before she found her true self in pansexuality, the YouTuber added.

She has also shared that although she’s in her late twenties, she’s not yet ready to have children, and has used her platform to urge people to oppose a national abortion ban in the US. 

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