Queer ‘C*m In My Beard’ rapper Chris Conde speaks out after outraged bigots made him go viral

Rapper Chris Conde

Queer Brooklyn-based rapper Chris Conde has addressed going viral on X/Twitter after right-wing trolls targeted him following a Pride performance.

Earlier this week (30 June), a video of the “C.O.M.B” performer – that’s short for “C*m In My Beard”, by the way – was spread across the internet by bigots outraged at his performance.

Conde often performs almost completely nude, save for a leather harness, and has a large tattoo of the word “queer” across his stomach. Watching him do his thing at a Pride event in Bad Ischl, Austria, where he performed an unreleased song called “Good Boys Say Yes Sir”, was enough to make the haters weep.

The trolling started to ramp up when Trump fan and online influencer Vince Langman shared a clip of Conde’s performance with his 170,000 followers on X/Twitter captioned: “WTF is this?”

Yet the nasty campaign against the rapper reached fever pitch after yet another Trump lover and Republican campaigner Juanita Broaddrick posted the clip to her social media audience of one million followers.

Of course, the short clip was then reposted by a large stream of miserable right-wingers, many of whom attempted to mock the “Notorious F.A.G” performer.

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Yet while queer performers like Conde are sadly getting increasingly used to online, bigoted abuse, there are actually some positives: among the trolls were some music lovers who had never heard of Conde and his work. After seeing the viral video, they were instant fans.

That list included RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Yvie Oddly, “212” rapper Azealia Banks, and Travis Kelce’s retired football player brother, Jason Kelce.

Oddly wrote on X/Twitter that she wanted Conde as her “next musical collab hopefully” – and Conde has since confirmed that the two are in talks to make a song together.

Banks, who posted about Conde on her Instagram Story, has also reached out to him via direct message. Kelce responded to fellow football retiree Antonio Brown after Brown “joked” that it was Kelce performing in the video, writing: “S**t, I wish I could spit bars like that.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Chris Conde addressed becoming a viral sensation and everything that came with it – the good, the bad, the ugly, and beneficial to his future music career.

Conde didn’t seem too bothered by the “predictable” conservative hate, explaining: “It was more just like that same rhetoric of like, the ‘liberals want to dismantle American values’, that s**t.

“They’re just angry, but they don’t know why, right? Which is hilarious.

“I’m eating up that these people are so bothered by my existence. I’ve been subverting heteronormative ideologies since I came out, especially with my music.”

Plus, while the boring trolls will eventually ease off and find something else to be upset about, the newfound fans will likely stick around.

 “Being able to have a platform now and to have so many people see what I can do is absolutely insane,” Conde said.

Chris Conde’s music is available on all good and gay streaming platforms.

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