Gay Dads Risk Their Two Year Old Son Being Deported

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Britain’s first gay couple to have become surrogate fathers now face their third child being deported.

Five years ago Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow hit the headlines after the birth of their twins, Aspen and Saffron in the USA. The couple wished to both be named as parents on their children’s birth certificates and their wish was granted after they took their case to the Supreme Court.

The couple now have a third child, a two-year-old boy called Orlando, who was born in the USA. However, the Home Office has refused to give the child indefinite right to remain in Britain.

Drewitt-Barlow told the Telegraph, “It’s a bit of a nightmare at the moment, We are not sure if we will be staying for very long, which is a shame because we really love it here [Britain]. It is in the hands of our lawyers.”

The Home Office do not comment on individual cases.