US: Fox Host Bill O’Reilly again defends link between homosexuality and paedophilia

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Despite admitting on Tuesday that there was no link between homosexuality and paedophilia, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has now seemingly gone back to defending the false connection.

During Tuesday’s broadcast, O’Reilly was discussing the controversial Colorado “Jessica’s law”, which would impose stronger punishments for those charged with abuse against children.

O’Reilly has reportedly been campaigning against openly gay Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, over the issue of the law, as Ferrandino won’t allow a vote on it.

He said: “I have to report the truth here. First truism, homosexuality has nothing to do with the crime of paedophilia.

Since Tuesday, the controversial news host said, in response to the question from Denver Post Opinion Editor Curtis Hubbard, of what Ferrandino’s sexuality has to do with his opposition to the law.

O’Reilly said: “I described Ferrandino to the audience because the audience doesn’t know who the heck he is, and I did it in the context of what his priorities are. His priorities are civil unions… and legalising marijuana, and he’s a gay marriage proponent, as you know.”

Hubbard then pointed out that he hadn’t introduced them in the way he claimed, and suggested that he attempted to make a connection between the fact that Ferrandino is gay, and why he opposed Jessica’s Law, reports ThinkProgress.

O’Reilly denied the claims, saying: “Oh no I didn’t. I didn’t say anything of the kind. I described who he was — who he says he is — alright? And that’s it. I made no correlation between him being “openly gay” and opposing Jessica’s Law.”

Back in August, O’Reilly was criticised for defending an anti-gay rights lobby group who have made claims that there are connections between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Back in January, Bill O’Reilly and fellow host Megyn Kelly, mocked the physical appearance of a transgender prisoner, repeatedly calling her ‘he’ and joked that she isn’t attractive enough to be in danger of being physically assaulted in prison.

Speaking of being gay as the Colorado House gave its final approval on a civil unions bill in its final reading yesterday, Ferrandino said: ”This wasn’t a choice. This is who I am.”