US: Anti-gay Republican attacks Fox News for not being homophobic enough

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An anti-gay Republican activist has claimed that Fox News is “buying the homosexual propaganda” by failing to be homophobic enough, saying the network is influenced by “homosexual friends”.

Steve Baldwin, a former Republican California Assemblyman, made the comments in a piece in which he attacked the network for its balanced approach.

On the website of anti-gay lawyer Matt Barber, Baldwin wrote: “I wince as I watch [Fox News] use the same arguments used by the homosexual community. They should know better.

“Megyn Kelly is a Fox News superstar but more than most Fox News personalities, she really drinks the homosexual propaganda kool-aid.

“She supports homosexual marriage and often equates, on-air, the rights of blacks to the rights of homosexuals

“Unknown to most people, Kelly is deeply involved in the homosexual movement. I believe [she] is influenced by a number of homosexual friends.

“Another Fox News superstar — Bill O’Reilly — is equally uninformed on these issues.

“Incredibly, O’Reilly has come out in support of the so-called ‘anti-discrimination’ laws.

“Indeed, it is hard to find any ‘cultural warrior’ at Fox News who is really a cultural warrior and who understands the threats posed to our freedoms by the homosexual agenda.

“One has to wonder if the Fox News team really doesn’t understand how ‘gay rights’ not only undermine America’s Christian culture but also constitute a direct attack on the more important rights given to us by our founding fathers.”

O’Reilly recently claimed same-sex marriage was winning because of “threats and demonisation”, and was forced to apologise last year after he suggested there was a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.

Fox News attracted criticism last week, when psychotherapist Robi Ludwig suggested mass-murderer Elliot Rodger acted because of “homosexual impulses”.

Last month, a Fox host claimed he was “only joking” when he claimed George Clooney is gay, while in March a Fox host claimed Putin invaded Ukraine because of Obama’s “pink crayon” policies allowing gays in the military.

Last year, Fox News presenter Geraldo Rivera argued that “cocksucking faggot” isn’t a homophobic slur.